What Is UnFederalReserve? (ERSDL) Complete Guide Review About UnFederalReserve

What Is UnFederalReserve? (ERSDL) Complete Guide Review About UnFederalReserve

What is UnFederalReserve?

UnFederalReserve is a banking Saas company built on blockchain technology. The banking products are designed for smaller U.S. Treasury chartered banks and non-bank lenders in need of greater liquidity without sacrificing security or compliance. Hit the button below and create or manage a stake account and purchase the token. Since its founding, unfederalreserve.com has been focused on transparency, efficiency, and professionalism. The goal is to exceed clients’ expectations as they enjoy seamless lending and borrowing experiences. Please reach out to learn more about the management team, the company, and the additional services they provide.

UnFederalReserve Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameUnFederalReserve
Short NameeRSDL
Circulating Supply377,722,509.71 eRSDL
Total Supply 454,278,600
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How it works

1.Create an account

UnFederalReserve Coin Easily set up a ReserveLending® account from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

2.Participate today

For everyday DeFi users, experience the ReserveLending® advantage of superior customer service and support.

3.Qualify to access liquidity

Qualified middle-market lenders who meet KYC/AML onboarding requirements and obtain a license will have access to the lending marketplace. We have partnered with SELFKEY for KYC/AML.

4.Track everything on your dashboard

AL-Dash(R) will help you easily track and summarize your current cash position and general network participant data.


UnFederalReserve Coin connect your balance sheet to CM-Dash(R) and all your liquidity sources and uses can be monitored on our simple to use the platform.


Accounting, financial, and tax reporting integration with existing systems available.

Warning: Navigating Uncharted Waters

UnFederalReserve understand that the term “DeFi” gives rise to apprehension because anonymous lenders and borrowers engage in digital trading whose only concern is to leverage their existing positions in the crypto-verse. They has selected premium elements of the crypto ecosystem and wrapped it in a best-in-class regulatory framework that delivers its middle-market clients a B2B lending, cash reporting, and overnight lending/borrowing utility tool. They offer the security of immutable records, near instantaneous settlement, and encryption well beyond what the largest global banks currently use.

Open Ocean

Any major DeFi protocol relies on democratized systems so that any borrower (represented by the boats) can transact with any lender (represented by the ports). The challenge, then, from the perspective of the DeFi community, is the engagement of sophisticated borrowers (e.g., Treasurers at middle-market companies). Without proper sophistication, individual lenders cannot perform proper risk-based pricing, and discrepancies in experience can lead to arbitrage that can harm the entire community. Metaphorically speaking, the open ocean of DeFi is not a place where sailboats should approach large container ships.

UnFederalReserve Creates a Safe Harbor

UnFederalReserve Coin Sophisticated borrowers are experts at identifying mispriced opportunities. Unsophisticated lenders, however, would be at the mercy of seasoned borrowing professionals, which poses a risk to the lending industry. The safe harbor ensures that only qualified, vetted parties have access to safe, legally compliant liquidity. Talking about speed… short-term lending and borrowing transactions settle almost instantaneously on our blockchain-enabled platform.

Accessible Liquidity, Lower Costs

They uses an Auction Rate Bond (ARB) platform that can be specifically tailored to meet clients’ unique workflows. Middle-market bank and non-bank lenders can feel confident in both lending to vetted third-parties directly and placing excess capital into the marketplace.


UnFederalReserve the platform is designed for small to medium-sized banking and non-bank lenders (“Participants”) looking to put fallow cash to work and lower costs of capital on a
platform more secure than traditional treasury management products. It will be
simply be another liquidity line for them, and open the doors to tremendous stores
of assets and production. The transition to fiat currency required multiple parties to trust in the same sovereign backer. This development freed up parties to transact globally through a common exchange