What Is Ulgen Hash Power (UHP)?

What Is Ulgen Hash Power (UHP)? Complete Guide Review About Ulgen Hash Power.

What Is Ulgen Hash Power (UHP)?

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Ulgen Hash Power Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameUlgen Hash Power
Short NameUHP
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply2,100,000,000
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Project name Ulgen Hash Power is a Data Center Ecosystem project. Data Center Ecosystem’s standalone power trading system and its power trading value This is a project that aims to establish a system for generating and distributing cryptocurrency to be used as a means. To this end, a private power trading system blockchain for decentralized electrical energy production and trading. The Ulgen Hash Power token created and verified through network participation and It provides a stable and open token trading environment.

Electric energy generation and global use Electric energy

It is very efficient for economic development, welfare, and poverty alleviation in modern society. It’s a solution. Ensuring fair access to electrical energy for all is a global It is an ongoing challenge to development. However, it is difficult to say that the energy production system up to now is environmentally friendly. historically energy Production systems use fossil fuels (coal, petroleum and gas). In order to solve the problem of recent rapid climate change, these electrical energy We need to shift our awareness of current energy sources for production.

Ulgen Hash Power The global village is currently consuming huge amounts of energy to expand the Data Center, to the extent that it is called Cloud War. there is In addition, in the current centralized large-capacity power generation source and transmission and distribution facility problem and large-capacity power generation source A large amount of energy that is inevitably generated in the process of delivering electrical energy to the recipient You must think about how to fundamentally solve the loss.

Bitcoin mining

Blockchain DATA Center (BTC Mining Center, referred to as ‘BDC Center’ in this white paper) continues to expand, Now, it is predicted that the global Bitcoin hash rate will exceed 85EH/S and will soon reach 100EH/S. there is. (1EH/S = 1 million TH/S) Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index developed by the Jersey Business School at the University of Cambridge.

UK (Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index) Mining Bitcoin for 1 Year The amount of electricity entering the network is estimated to be 64.63 tera watt hours (TWh). This is equivalent to 0.26% of the world’s total electricity production and 0.3% of total consumption.

According to the IDC Data Age 2025 study, today, as of 2019, there are about 25 There are zetta bytes (=27.49 trillion Gigabytes) of data. These digital data include medical information, mobile information, wear ables information, and digital cameras. It is increasing rapidly, including information, etc., and by 2025 it will reach 6.5 times that of 2019. predicted to be.

Cloud Computing

Ulgen Hash Power Also, the IDC center is of course much larger than the BDC, 5G, artificial intelligence, real-time streaming. It is increasing explosively along with services. Google, Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, etc. Global IT companies are making aggressive investments to expand cloud infrastructure. Oracle has announced that it will open 12 new data centers around the world over the next two years. Google has also decided to build five additional data centers, and it has already been They also invested 30 billion USD in construction.