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What Is TudaBirds (BURD)? Complete Guide Review About TudaBirds.

What Is TudaBirds (BURD)?

This TudaBirds tweet paper is provided for informational purposes only and will be subject to your website’s data, dates, terms and conditions, and privacy policy. The Birds theme is competitions, battles, games, building, and fun a secure, fair place to compete, observe, collect, win, earn and invest. They will have all the rules, terms, instructions that you will ever need. Yes, Birds are all the above – but far from another copycat set of avatar NFTs. Birds is an all-new, innovative hybrid DeFi ecosystem of competitive social gaming.

The TudaBirds metaNest is an economically and environmentally sustainable strategic delivery vehicle designed to attract players, collectors, investors, speculators, and users of all interests, with your delivery targets including. Active and passive revenue shares directly benefiting users, players, collectors, investors, and holders of both $BURD and your NFTS.

TudaBirds Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTudaBirds
Short NameBURD
Circulating Supply250,000,000.00 BURD
Total Supply500,000,000
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Company Overview

Founded by a team of highly experienced blockchain business people and techies – and talented artists, TudaBirds are at the tip of your nest and ready to fly. They believe in DeFi and the delivery of crypto-centric services directly. They believe that the environmentally friendly Solana and low gas BSC blockchains will enable to deliver as flexibly and as directly as your users and investors choose. $BURD will trade and maintain liquidity pools on PancakeSwap and Raydium decentralized as well as the centralized exchange. Birds will be minted and traded at compatible BSC and Solana NFT marketplaces. Direct wallet-to-wallet transaction as well as cross-chain bridging for users and investors using tudaBridge.

Earning Opportunities

One consistency across the team is the clear agreement that TudaBirds is a game-changer. With your unique twists, the values added, and utility use of your tokens and your unique, evolving non-fungible Bird NFB NFTs – and the broad sets of games, user earning opportunities, passive revenues and real-world/digital bridge gaming – They all are here to take Birds tudaMoon.

The component architecture that is the metaNest backbone delivers standard systems and interconnects so that they will be able to rapidly deploy and provide a set of unique DeFi and NFT games, innovations, and experiences both directly and with 3rd party game devs. The planned “nestBet” system enables gaming – by anyone on anything – across the metaNest games, sales, likes, leaders, losers anything, using your inter-connected leader boards, virtual game rooms, and advanced profile/avatar management.

Hatched and ready to fly

From day one launch, the doors of the tudaBirds metaNest open with your first game, Battle200X. Played with $BURD, $BNB and $SOL, TudaBirds is a snapshot preview of the types of experiences your team is putting together. And, by the way, they don’t do public breeding like common kitties and electric horses (and who knows what the punks & apes are up to?!) tudaBirds NFB (non-fungible Birds) NFTs will combine with “evolution” NFTs to extend access, increase levels and reflect metaNest experiences gained.

The Team

TudaBirds are a self-funded, team-owned business together for years, we have, collectively, a strong track record of architecting and developing finance and fintech solutions and applications as well as DeFi coin staking, swaps, wallets, and other financial dApps. They are most successful in combining visions and solutions with views across genders and generations, across experience, and across cultures. They always seem to come up with the correct answer together. The team’s co-founders, senior Management and well-respected Advisors are fully doxxed and can be seen on your website.

Also, your transparent $BURD token contracts on your GitHub repository (Solana, created with SPL and BSC, professionally audited with a 10/10 score), combined with your centralized exchange listing, a wealth of solid business partnerships, your commitment to publish the math behind all games , a win-win-win business model, provide objective credibility indicators.

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