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What Is TruckCompany (TRK)? Complete Guide Review About TruckCompany.

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What Is TruckCompany (TRK)?

TruckCompany is the decentralized multiplatform of blockchain gaming. Having a variety of games fully decentralized they bring a fun and unique experience. Your first and main game is the truck game, where the user can buy a truck and a company to make trips for companies. Earning rewards in the form tokens. The truck game has strategic gameplay that makes each user navigate through endless possibilities to earn profits by playing. They create mechanisms to trade trucks, companies, mission items, wpoints, a business game like in real life but using blockchain technology. The truck game has a strategic gameplay that makes each user navigate through various possibilities to make profit by playing.

TruckCompany create mechanisms to trade trucks, companies, quest items, wPoints, a business game like in real life, but using blockchain technology and its range of unexplored applications. They are going to create events that make the game adapt to the market more and more, creating a different game model. To create economic mechanisms, players of your metaverse will have to buy certain contracts within the games to have access to all the functions of your platform. Wpoints in conjunction with $Playtrk will be used to purchase these contracts. Obtaining the contracts will provide many in-game benefits.

TruckCompany Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTruckCompany
Short NameTRK
Circulating Supply1,266,000.00 TRK
Total Supply100,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Truck Company project

This is the first truck version within the TruckCompany Company project, it’s a model with a single cabin, less power and powered by diesel. Widely used for closer services with lighter loads. Its profitability is the lowest among the others available. It is a model that has similar characteristics to the comfort one. It is a Truck that has a higher bed cabin with comfortable accommodation, a larger fuel tank, and uses diesel to get around. This Shift Truck is based on an automatic gearbox with its compact design of high efficiency and uses diesel for its operation. Provides the user with extra comfort when driving on longer journeys.

In this version, the Electric model, in addition to not emitting polluting gases, has a low noise level and allows the driver to have greater comfort in the cabin, since electric motors do not vibrate or emit heat when working, as the diesel engine does. It has the advantage that transportation costs are cheaper, as it needs cargo and not fuel. Its aesthetic creates a new trend for Trucks. The most desired version by all, it is a highly technological Truck that does not need direct action from human beings. It can be fully programmed to complete your trips safely and quickly. Its design is futuristic and unique.

The Companies

This Company was founded by a traditional family in the late 1980s. It specializes in wood transport and tires. It provides a contract to carry out the transports. Company that hires only the best TruckCompany drivers in the region to take its special loads, such as beverages, electronics and pharmaceuticals. The company most desired by all truck drivers, it only carries items of very high value. It carries out transports of gold, nano chips, airplane spare parts, technological invention products and valuable minerals. It provides for drivers to carry out transport.

Withdraw System

In TruckCompany ecosystem the loot points are called WPOINTS. Only registered truck and company users produce WPOINTS, these points will be needed to enter missions, obtain certificates to buy tire and engine raw material direct from the manufacturer. In your economy WPOINTS can be sold to other players who are interested in buying points to use in missions, so players will also be able to make profit selling their WPOINTS.

A user played for 10 days without withdrawing to the Metamask Wallet, 20 Wpoints were accumulated. If a withdrawal of 100% of the tokens is requested on the next day, it will deduct 20 Wpoints from the amount of Wpoints of the score. Its score will have a balance of 0 balance Wpoints. The Wpoints balance that the player has will determine the potential of its earnings and also the withdrawal fee to be payed to withdraw $PlayTRK tokens from the platform to wallet. The daily withdrawal limit of $PlayTRK per wallet is 500 per day. We are adopting this value to avoid dumping in the market, in the future will increase this value.

Consumable Items

The TruckCompany in the game daily need tires, fuel, engine, and special ships to be able to work and earn more $PlayTrk tokens. These items are purchased by players who invest in licensed reseller contracts. These players advertise the items on the markt place, so when a player needs a tire he can buy it from another player on marketplace.

How its work

TruckCompany have an innovative staking system, with three investment classes, Gold, Platinum and Black. A way to generate passive income while participating in the game’s ecosystem. Players who invest in Platinum and Black plans will also produce Wpoints weekly, being able to sell their Wpoints to other players.

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