What Is Trister World (TWFI) Complete Guide Review About TWFI

What Is Trister World (TWFI) Complete Guide Review About TWFI

What Is Trister World (TWFI)

Trister World (TWFI) widespread acceptance and application of digital assets on a global scale has simultaneously opened up the accelerated penetration of Block chain technology in all fields of the industry. The encrypted digital assets represented by Bitcoin have natural financial attributes, and their decentralized and distributed characteristics can be used as a highly transparent and secure payment method.

Trister World (TWFI) Blockchain is expected to reshape the underlying logic of traditional financial markets through the application of cross-border settlement, distributed accounting and smart contracts.

Trister World (TWFI) In recent years, with the mature application of DeFi technology, traditional financial services can be fully mapped in the Block chain world, providing global and open alternatives to all financial services including savings, loans, investment and insurance. As an extension of traditional finance, the distributed encrypted financial market has broadened the financial industry integration and technical feasibility of the Block chain.

Trister World (TWFI) Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTrister World
Short Name TWFI
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply 80,000,000
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Token Introduction

Trister World (TWFI) token is the core value token of Trister World, shouldering the value of the entire Trister World ecology and the community governance function. The total volume of TWFI tokens in the Trister’s Lend biological platform is 10 million, without pre-mining, reservation, or private placement.

All these tokens are outputted flexibly based on the liquidity capital amount within several years using the “fair mining” method. After Trister’s Lend (a decentralized lending open protocol) is put into service, the mining mechanism is official launched with a price of 10 million TWFI.

Interests of TWFI Holders

!Trister World (TWFI) can vote on whether to add new lending pools and to modify the related parameters in the protocol.

!TWFI-DAOs can decide the expenditures of the Eco Fund of the Trister’s Lend platform system by voting.

!Trister’s Lend V2.0 plans to support institutional parties to initiate a custom lending in unpopular currencies. To do so, pledged capital is required, and a part of TWFI tokens must be locked.

TWFI Token output mechanism of Trister’s Lend

Trister World (TWFI) The first-year benchmark output is 10%, and the weighted output of the capital amount is 10%. Thus, the first-year output is 10%~20%;

The next-year benchmark output is 5%, and the weighted output of the capital amount is 10%. Thus, the next-year output is 5%~15%;

The third-year benchmark output is 2.5%, and the weighted output of the capital amount is 10%. Thus, the third-year output is 2.5%~12.5%;

At the beginning of the fourth year, the benchmark output is 1.25% and the weighted output of capital amount is 10%. Thus, the output from the fourth year onward is 1.25%~11.25% (until all TWFI tokens deployed corresponding to the Trister’s Lend protocol are dug out).

The protocol party can set a target capital amount (including deposit balances and loan balances) and calculate the output of blocks generated the next day through Oracle. 20% of TWFI tokens outputted by each block will be sent to the address of the Trister’s Lend operation team as the expenses of the operation team.

Application Scenarios

Buyback and Destruction

Trister World (TWFI) 20% of the profit of the agreement used for buyback and destruction of TWFI tokens

Accelerate Mining

Users accelerate mining output through Card NFT-tCard

Risk Reserve fund

Trister World (TWFI) Draw a certain proportion in lend agreement from the agreement profits

Health factor

Health factor H is used to express the security of the borrower’s account

Profit Agreement dividend

20% used for Card holders

Experts and Technical Advantages

Trister World (TWFI) founding team of Trister’s Lend has more than 20 years of management experience, global development vision and securities financial management experience. They include accountants, lawyers, Block chain scientists, economists, etc., all of which have high authority in the industry. The core members of the team have deep business and technology accumulation in the fields of Block chain technology application, Internet financial platform operation, online e-commerce and online payment, big data analysis and market applications.

The core technical members of the team have many years of work experience in the architecture design and project development of technical systems such as government-enterprise cooperation, Internet applications, supply chain finance, ecommerce, online payment, and Block chain.