What Is Tribeone? (HAKA) Complete Guide Review About Tribeone.

What Is Tribeone? (HAKA) Complete Guide Review About Tribeone.

What is Tribeone?

Tribeone coin is world’s first AI-powered decentralized financial platform backed with RAROC. TribeOne offers insurance products along with models that lower borrowing costs through yield farming and custom-made loans for SMEs. The NFT products connect the DeFi ecosystem to the NFT market where the users can get loans against their NFT or purchase a certain NFT. TribeOne’s products include Lending, Investing and NFT Loans.

Tribeone Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTribeone Coin
Short NameHAKA
Circulating Supply6,100,000.00 HAKA
Total Supply125,408,364
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Low Risk- Tribe

Tribeone coin One individual savings Plan- Weekly payout to your wallet- No lock-in periods or min deposit- Optional insurance coverage through the DeFi Insurance Partner Medium Risk- Community based pool funding to invest in NFTs- NFTs are evaluated by leading NFT appraisers- DeFi insurance to cover impermanent loss. High Risk- Earn highest risk adjusted APY against stable coins- Optional insurance coverage through the DeFi Insurance Partner

TribeOne Ecosystem

Creating a revolutionary shift by introducing a truly decentralized ecosystem and customer centric products which will be available for consumers & micro-financiers. TribeOne will be launched using peer-to-peer (P2P) lending using peer-to-peer (P2P) lending initially and based on the user base growth traction, they will move onto pool contracts to enhance
user experience and satisfaction

How They are different?

The Tribeone current financial service industry is vital to the global economy, but only provides their services. at a traditionally high cost. Despite recent developments in financial technologies (commonly referred to as FinTech), the following underlying issues persist:

Financial Markets Background & Status Quo High transaction fees for the average user of banking and financial services due to regulatory requirements with legacy systems characterized by complex interoperability issues and centralized control of large institutions. Services that require a broker are even more expensive, as agents and other middlemen are involved.

Legal Issue

The vast majority of countries’ laws and regulations envision centralized businesses or structures with a singular seat of control and responsibility. Deviating from this arrangement poses a challenge from a legal and regulatory perspective and raises enforcement issues.

Tribeone coin has traditionally been some form of central counterparty, often regulated. Within a particular system or process, that central party is accountable. It takes responsibility for providing services to all the other participants through a contractual framework underpinned by the legal and regulatory structure.


The cryptocurrency industry is based on a simple premise: The people should be fully in control of their finances. While this seems like a simple and obvious statement, the current systems are far from providing financial services that are truly under the control of the people who use and need them. The mission of TribeOne is to give people (and machines and devices) seamless access to decentralized financial services by integrating blockchain functionality in DeFi.

Tribeone provides high transaction throughput, reduced risk of errors, and intelligent feature development specifically for the fulfillment of Satoshi’s original dream: To create a reliable alternative form of financial services built on top of the blockchain.


The leadership team’s vast experience foresees that there would be teething issues of traditional finance which might extend to the decentralized ecosystem and due to the anonymity of users it can become challenging to pursue the defaulters. In consideration of future concerns, there would be a mix of centralized.

DeFi aspects in specific products to ensure that the platform is able to withstand anomalies and grow with stability. Hence non collateralized loans may have some form of KYC to minimize the risk for the investor

TribeOne Vision & Mission

Tribeone coin vision is to build products that contribute to the DeFi ecosystem to attract the masses from the traditional finance space to maximize returns. The current fragmentation plaguing the DeFi industry through a lack of available user support, the TribeOne Ecosystem serves the purpose of offering a wide range of niche services – ranging from secure and unsecured loans to trust loans and savings products.