What Is Trendering (TRND)?

What Is Trendering (TRND)? Complete Guide Review About Trendering.

What Is Trendering (TRND)?

I am a fan of automation, data analysis and Ethereum. I have been working on Trendering for some time. I have seen many things: coin scams as they happened live, pump-dump schemes from coordinated addresses, whales moving markets. I will never reveal my identity. If you have a problem with that then well it’s not my problem. I give you Trendering to level the odds. It’s your choice whether to use it.

Trendering does not track its users. They does not use traffic analytics. A server access logs are turned off. The only piece of information stored by the Dapp is the connecting Ethereum address. To initialize the module, the manager needs to call initialize on the module, providing values required by the module. Once the transaction has successfully mined.

Trendering Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTrendering
Short NameTRND
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Why are Trendering even here? To make money.

Trendering meet people and change the world along the way. But mostly, they make money. They park it in assets, collaterise them and borrow against them to buy things. But they say there are some things money cannot buy. Different people would list different things, and most of the time they would be wrong anyway. Almost everything can be purchased, believe me. Except one thing. The only common denominator of true love, true friends and true family – trust. Adding the module to the Set Token will put the module in pending state.

To enable the functionality of the module, managers must also initialize the Set Token in the Module by calling on the module contract itself. To complete the process of adding a module, the manager must call initialize on the Module. The parameters required will vary depending on the module. For example, to complete initialization of the Streaming Fee Module, the manager must provide information such as the fee Recipient, and streaming Fee Percentage.

Impermanent Loss is good for you

Trendering There is a widely popular article about the Impermanent Loss by Bancor that is usually shared on Telegram when someone asks why his tokens are disappearing after they pooled it on Uniswap. The top claim of Bancor’s article is that “users who provide liquidity to AMMs can see their staked tokens lose value compared to simply holding the tokens on their own.” This is one of the most repeated claims in DeFi. But it is also inaccurate.

Pools Monitoring & AIM Pilot

Trendering Recently I deployed updated Tokens Monitoring (also known as Main net Monitoring). Crucial new features include deployer name tag detection, so you won’t miss the next token by “Yearn: Deployer” and the initial version of the code analysis. You agree to assume responsibilities for all activities with your account and passwords (including but not limited to information exposure, information announcement, clicking to agree on the website, submitting diverse agreements, renewal of agreements online, purchase of services, etc.).

How is my AIM

A little backstory first. I have been observing crypto since the beginning, but I am a conservative. I have put small amounts of capital into it around the end of 2016. I caught the Bitcoin train till the peak of 2017 EOY. I made mistakes along the way. I could have tripled my capital with LTC, but I sold at $89 while two weeks later it was above $300. At least Charlie sold.

Trendering By counting how much liquidity you put in and for how many seconds, at the end of the four week period I will award each pool with 2,000 TRND, proportionally to the LGE participants in that pool. As I mentioned in the chats, I hate holding capital hostage, so this is a free and open LGE with no strings attached.

Staking & Farming Update

According to the Staking Leader board, the TRND staking & xTRND farming has almost reached the 1,000,000 currently minted supply. I personally did not wish for it to be capped at this point, but I know some of you want that. While the Trendering DAO is being established, in the meantime I propose they all decide with your wallets. 

You should not disturb and undermine normal operation of digital asset trading when you have digital asset trades on the website; you should not disturb normal operation of the website or interfere with other users’ use of the website in any technological methods or other methods; you should not destroy the reputation of the website by faking facts and in other ways.