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What Is Traxx (TRAXX) ? Complete Guide Review About Traxx

What Is Traxx (TRAXX) ?

Traxx is now listed and available to purchase on AscendEX and BitMart. More listings to follow shortly. TokenTraxx is also exploring a number of decentralised exchanges. For further details on the utility, benefits and rewards for holding the TRAXX token, see the section below. For more information on the Token||Traxx platform, explore the rest of website using the menu above or visit resource document here. If you have any questions, check out FAQs or get in touch with the team via our community channels or at

Emrals (EMRALS)Storage Key Points

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The TokenTraxx platform token, powering the future of music.

  • The TokenTraxx platform will be enabled by the TRAXX token.
  • There is a total supply of 350,000,000 TRAXX tokens.
  • TRAXX tokens are both a platform and an exchange token.
  • TRAXX tokens were minted on the Ethereum mainnet and bridged to the Polygon and Zilliqa blockchains.

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Traxx token is an unregulated token that will facilitate the purchase of NFTs on the TOKEN TRAXX PLATFORM by paying Transaction fees. It will also provide holders with benefits and be used as an incentive for a platform use rewards programme (see sections below). As the platform grows additional utility may become available on the TOKEN TRAXX PLATFORM. The Token Traxx Platform is currently exploring defi use cases such as staking and loans, community benefits such as governance and specific music use cases such as facilitating the distribution of royalties and enabling streaming. All such matters are subject to legal advice and where appropriate regulatory approval.


Traxx It is intended that a pool of TRAXX tokens will be allotted for rewards to be split between the creators, curators and collectors using the platform. These will be distributed every 4 weeks and the amount allocated to each user will be based on an individual attention score calculated by several variables.


It is intended that Token||Traxx will be transformational in the music space that empowers the community to own a stake in the future of music. Users can join this movement by holding TRAXX tokens which will deliver a wide range of functional benefits. There are three tiers to the TOKEN TRAXX benefits program:

Number of Traxx tokens to be held to qualify for each Tier will be released soon — stay tuned for further info. NOTE — Both the level of token ownership and the potential rewards and benefits of membership are subject to change.These benefits attach to membership which may be accessed by those who are token owners.They will not attach to the tokens themselves.


Token Traxx Music Limited will provide a marketplace for those who own Token Traxx Tokens and who wish to create curate and exchange creative digital collectables. This is not an offer to sell TOKEN TRAXX TOKENS. Those who express an interest in owning tokens and participating in the NFT marketplace may contact SORS who will make TOKEN TRAXX TOKENS available on appropriate terms in accordance with the laws of the REPUBLIC OF IRELAND.