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What Is Tratok (TRAT) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Tratok

What Is Tratok (TRAT) Coin Review ?

Tratok The importance of travel and tourism to the global economy cannot be overstated. A major driver of global growth, the sector directly contributed 2.6 trillion US dollars to Global GDP in 2016. The contribution looks even more impressive when one considers that indirect contributions amounted to in excess of 7.6 trillion US dollars and the industry can be credited with providing 292 million jobs (World Travel & Tourism Council, 2017).

Tratok (TRAT) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTratok
Short NameTRAT
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Max SupplyN/A
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Tratok token is a unique token which will be used on the Tratok Travel application to make bookings for travel and tourism services. Be it reserving a hotel room, booking a flight or renting a car, this multiplatform application will result in more economical, hassle-free arrangements for clients and service providers alike. By using blockchain technology to disrupt the existing business model, Tratok offers significant advantages over existing conventional platforms. Principally, it lowers transaction fees, eradicates the need for middlemen, saves time on bookings and results in more profit for service providers and savings for consumers. With stakeholder experience as the main priority, the Tratok project seeks to revolutionise the USD 7.6 Trillion travel and tourism sector and set a new standard.

The Problem

Tratok token can solve all of these problems by powering a purpose designed multi-platform application which can link consumers with suppliers. Both stakeholders will register and be matched appropriately in the digital marketplace via a self-improving (machine learning) AI. Real-time prices would be offered to be settled at the time with all fees and transaction costs displayed from the start for full transparency.

Tratok In addition to this service providers maintain full contact and ownership of their bookings, are subject to minimal transaction fees and receive trade receivables in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months. Combined with a massive reduction in fraud, such a revolution is not only productive to industry health, but also the next revolutionary step. In an environment of rising costs and increasing competitions, an increase in profit margins and faster cash turnovers will result in the industry thriving. Tratok strives to take this further and be more than just a token, but rather an entire ecosystem that is powered by blockchain.

Why the Project is likely to Succeed

Tratok is going to RAM the industry and shake its foundations. It is Relevant, Adoptable, Mutually beneficial.

Relevant: •

The project addresses real problems and fixes them with a viable solution. • The project is focused on a growth industry that has staying power. The travel and tourism sector will be ever present and continue to grow with an expectation that it will contribute 11.7% of global GDP by 2027. • The team assembled for the project have the necessary expertise and industry connections to maximise the chances of success. More information on the team members will be available on the Tratok website and later in this paper.

Adoptable: •

Tratok technology exists for the App to be created across multiple platforms. • Free participation lowers barriers to entry. • Statistics show that clients in the travel and tourism industry are happy to embrace new technology if it enhances their experience. E.g. 89% of Americans prefer booking hotels online and 84% preferred booking vacation transport online. • Rational clients will embrace the new App for the simplicity and economic benefits. • Rational suppliers will embrace the new App for the economic benefits and access to a wide pool of global consumers. • Initial consumers will rush to the app for the rewards granted to early adopters. (More information is available in coin distribution below).