What Is Traceability Chain (TAC)?

What Is Traceability Chain (TAC)? Complete Guide Review About Traceability Chain.

What Is Traceability Chain (TAC)?

Traceability Chain hope to build a traceability cloud platform based on the block-chain technology and the unique non-tamper able distributed ledger record feature of the blockchain. Through the sub-chain of the landing project and the corresponding DAPP application, the enterprise can solve the problems in commodity production, circulation, distribution, etc. Traceability Chain, as an optional Internet value transmission protocol in the future world, and push the practicability and ease of use of the entire blockchain industry one step further.

Information traceability, anti-counterfeiting verification, and mobile marketing problems in the process of terminal consumption provide technology developers with a fast and efficient collection of development cloud services, and solve the problem of “trustworthiness” for brand enterprises and consumers. And thus build a brand new blockchain ecosystem.  

Traceability Chain will continue to build a basic platform, design and research software and hardware products, and develop and iterate various products and commercialization projects to gradually form a blockchain economy, improve industry efficiency, and promote the efficient and coordinated development of society.

Traceability Chain Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTraceability Chain
Short NameTAC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Deji Technology

Traceability Chain platforms offer various features that allow you to export data to the blockchain and utilize cryptocurrencies. Due to the nature of blockchain technology, they want to be clear that any blockchain items you have received on your blockchain wallet or cryptocurrency funds you hold on your blockchain wallet fall fully under your own responsibility as they are not under your control.

As blockchain transactions fundamentally involve interacting with an external blockchain network that is not under your control, we can not be held responsible for any technical or user error that might affect you. Your mnemonic, private key, PIN or any other type of access details related to your blockchain assets are as a result also solely your responsibility and can not be expected to be restored or retrieved in any situation.

Traceability Chain also make no guarantees regarding whether any kind of virtual items that can be or have been exported to the blockchain in terms of whether or not will accept, grant, represent or reimburse them under any conditions. While your service may offer wallet functionality, they highly recommend keeping valuable assets on a secure separate wallet.

Your Responsibilities

You hereby confirm that you’re at least 13 years old or, if in Europe, 16 years old or have a parent’s/guardian’s permission to use our service and agree to not upload explicit, offensive or illegal content. Any type of benefits your service provides as a direct or indirect result of donations are simply gifts that or streamers themselves give out freely to support you or make your experience more pleasant.

Traceability Chain always try to provide the best service possible but are not obliged to deliver or continue delivering any of these gifts, benefits or features. They come without warranty or guarantee. Constitute or contain false or misleading indications of origin or statements of fact.


Keep in mind that donations are just donations, not payments for a service of any kind (even when they result in gifts or music played on stream). You are responsible for any donations you make or receive and can not expect anything in return for your donation. As the most promising blockchain ecosystem, it perfectly combines the advantages of Ethereum and Bit Shares.

Gaming For Good, as a website, acts as a ‘portal’ site and does not process the donation transactions. For issues specifically related to donation transactions, Traceability Chain always recommend you either reach out to the streamer or the payment provider.