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What Is TouchCon (TOC)? Complete Guide Review About TouchCon.

What Is TouchCon (TOC)?

Through a decentralized monetization system that enables a sustainable form of revenue and increased engagement with your community. TouchCon is continuously making it easier for creators to receive real monetary value from their economy by converting a portion of their coin to other currencies, like traditional fiat currencies (e.g. USD) or other cryptocurrencies. As individual economies continue to grow, creators and their communities can earn weekly network rewards deposited directly back into their economy.

To gain access to benefits including unreleased content, private communities, early-access to tickets and exclusive merch-all while showing your loyalty to your favorite creators. That’s a weekly reward to creators and their most loyal fans for helping fuel the network and driving the growth in their economy. TouchCon offers anyone with an online community the ability to launch their own coin without the complexity of coding on the ethereum blockchain.

Rally is a decentralized platform completely governed by the community. This means that creators and their communities have unfettered control to use their social tokens across all social platforms. Creators can reward their most loyal fans with coins and their fans can purchase additional coins. Currently there is no platform fee to a creator to create a Creator Coin and Rally does not take a cut from any transaction between the creator or their fans.

TouchCon Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTouchCon
Short NameTOC
Circulating Supply158,400,100.00 TOC
Total Supply990,000,000
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What can a creator do with their coin?

TouchCon Creator Coin is not limited to one platform or method of monetization. It can be incorporated however – and wherever – creators interact with their community. It’s the new and improved fan club experience that allows fans to be a direct participant of the creator’s economy. Creators can use their coin to reward fans who contribute and support them by gifting them coins directly or as a reward for participating in the community. Coins can also be used as a fan engagement tool, to allow fans who hold them to unlock exclusive access to events, merch, chat rooms, services, or content. There is no limit to how you and your community can use your coin.

Innovative experiments

The TouchCon Network’s success is driven by the creator community, and that community is growing every day. We invite creators to share how they are using their social tokens within their economy and encourage creators to learn from one another. Interested in incorporating social tokens into your video streaming? TouchCon have creators on You tube and Twitch who have that down pat. Interested in Clubhouse? Rally has attracted many successful Clubhouse celebrities and influencers who are sharing stories about their coin. Interested in using social tokens as a musician or artist? There are new ways of monetizing and sharing content through Creator Coin every day.

Better Engagement

A better value system leads to sustained engagement within creator communities. With more visibility into their economies, creators can offer better incentives and rewards to fans. Fans get more ways to align their loyalty and support with creators’ long-term goals. Content platforms take large fees, regularly censor content, and often change the rules. TouchCon community-run network, operating on creator-branded cryptocurrency, lets communities control 100% of the economics without high platform fees.

With Creator Coin, creators and fans get to decide together what is best for the community without having to be dependent on any specific platform. Content creators are turning their passions into careers thanks to their creative efforts and fan support. TouchCon excited to help creators take their businesses to the next level by giving them tools to kick start economies around their unique digital brands and bring more value to the creator-fan relationship.