What Is Tokenlon Network Token (LON)?

What Is Tokenlon Network Token (LON)? Complete Guide Review About Tokenlon Network Token.

What Is Tokenlon Network Token (LON)?

With the innovative development of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Tokenlon Network Token have seen money markets, lending markets, trading markets, payment networks, insurance markets, derivative markets etc. gradually forming a new and open financial ecosystem based on Blockchain. However, many protocols are still evolving, and there are problems in user experience and separated liquidity. Thanks to the openness, programmability, and composability of smart contracts, Tokenlon will integrate various mature financial protocols within the ecosystem and build a global settlement layer on top of them.

Tokenlon will be used as an exchange and payment infrastructure for applications and create a robust and rich global financial market with its ecosystem partners. Tokenlon Network Token hope that through community building, they will provide developers with a unified and standardized access point to DeFi as well as users with a simple and easy-to-use finance interface, so that everyone can use open financial services freely and equally.

Tokenlon Network Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTokenlon Network Token
Short NameLON
Circulating Supply44,559,364.72 LON
Total Supply116,298,815
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Tokenlon Network Token, originated in 2017, aiming to offer in-wallet decentralized exchange, with the vision of Tokenlon becoming an infrastructure of decentralized payment services that provides real-time payment and settlement between different networks and different currencies. Today, the cryptocurrency payment scenario has not yet arrived, but decentralized exchanges (DEX) have gradually begun to be accepted by the market. As liquidity is an important part of the financial market, the success of DEX will directly affect whether open finance can revolutionize traditional finance and cryptocurrency becoming a more inclusive value store and payment tool.

Tokenlon 4.0 is based on an improved off-chain Request for Quotation (RFQ) architecture built on the 0x DEX protocol. With on-chain settlement, Tokenlon provides users with a trading experience that does not require trust, has neither slippage, nor front running. Since its launch in July 2019, Tokenlon 4.0 has 120,000 users that traded a total volume of over $4B. Thanks to its design, the on-chain settlement success rate is 99.6%, far ahead of other DEX protocols.


After three years of exploration and practice, Tokenlon Network Token has completed the first milestone, allowing wallet users to easily and reliably complete fast token exchange. In this process, your early users, the core team, Kyber team, 0x team, market makers, and other partners are indispensable. Thus, we aim for more contributors to participate in the construction of the next milestones. Tokenlon is committed to becoming the infrastructure of the global financial market and connecting the blockchain ecosystem in an open and inclusive manner.

The development of a decentralized community is the only way to go. A well-designed and dynamically evolving token economic mechanism can align incentives for all participants and contribute to the creation of an open network protocol and community ecology. LON, Tokenlon’s token, will play this vital role, and Tokenlon will also open the way to decentralized community governance.

Market Liquidity

Defines settlement strategies for different liquidity sources through smart contracts, which can not only aggregate different liquidity sources to create the best exchange rate, but also resolve unknown counter party risks. An atomic settlement ensures that the transaction can be concluded without trust between the two parties. Tokenlon Network Token protocol defines a financial service network that provides users with payment and exchange settlement. In essence, it connects users with the market liqudity to achieve safe, efficient, and low-cost transactions.

Settlement Layer

Tokenlon Network Token connects both trading parties, and based on digital signatures, the trade is finally settled through smart contracts. The settlement logic is based on the pre-defined strategy with trade conditions, liquidity sources, and agreed fees. The supply side of the liquidity is not only diverse, but also fragmented, and even full of uncertain risks. The satisfaction of user needs requires solving the asymmetry of time, information, subject matter, and payment medium.