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What Is Token X (TKX)? Complete Guide Review About Token X.

What Is Token X (TKX)?

The story of Token X originates from the desire to create a digital economic ecosystem for the Real Estate, Construction, and Industrial sectors. Your ecosystem makes it simple and easy for communities, businesses, organizations, and individuals to conduct transactions and implement real estate, construction, and industrial development and save time, improving efficiency, labor productivity and investment efficiency.

On the trading floor of Construction and Industry, you can “Build a house online”. AI helps control costs, quality, and progress. IoT digitizes items, building equipment, and Distributed Data Base. A blockchain bank providing banking services and clearing liquidity for customers and transactions on

Mishka Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMishka Token
Short NameTKX
Circulating Supply3.26B TKX
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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Supermarket for real estate, construction, and industry, opened in all provinces and cities of Vietnam, providing comprehensive solutions for individuals and organizations who want to build and repair houses and construction. Token X Reflect token on the Binance Smart Chain. A 8% fee is charged on each transaction. 4% is distributed to other token holders and 4% is burned. Initial supply 10,000,000. No more than 100,000 can be traded in 1 transaction.


Token X simplest converter they can create a Blockchain environment for the revolution in Real estate, Construction, and Industry. The Un-Vetted list will place all new submissions to the top of the list, pushing the rest down. You can promote the same token as many times as you want, putting it back to the top of the list. After depositing, you will need to refresh the browser to see your token on the high-risk list.

A company new customer / New offer

You can add this price for free to your telegram group by adding to your group. Anyone in the group can request the price chart by typing /price. You can set links inside the message with the HTML tag. For example, in the preview below it has been used to set the social media links. Anyone in the group can request the price chart by typing /price.

Advertising banner

You must submit a website url and image to promotions Token X with the dimensions 350px/100px and format jpg, png, or gif (can be animated). The displayed banner will be cycled each time the page is loaded. Become a top-10 LP depositor to promote your token. This pool has a 5% deposit fee and does not offer a farming reward. Your promoted token will be featured in the promoted tokens list. You can withdraw at any time.

Token X chance that your banner is displayed depends on your share of the top-10 pool that have banners. If you have 30% of the pool share, your banner will be displayed 30% of the time the page is loaded. You can also display your website and telegram links when your chart is being viewed.


Token X is owner less, fully decentralized and supported by their community. Free and open communication is fostered among all members of the community so that all who wish can be informed and even participate in each step of the growth. Finance, also acknowledges with the disclaimer total for any member of the community directly or indirectly involved with Finance, and there may be any type of damage suffered, including total loss.


X-Link job social network is a bridge between organizations, businesses, and potential candidates, where members can connect and share job needs. Do not purchase any tokens until your token has been approved. Your token must have a website and have the details uploaded to Token X. The token contract must be verified on BSC Scan. The LP for your token must be locked for at least 2 months or burned. The dev must have no more than 10% of the initial supply.

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