What Is Token Pocket (TPT)?

What Is Token Pocket (TPT)? Complete Guide Review About Token Pocket.

What Is Token Pocket (TPT)?

Token Pocket collect your information in order to provide the services you requested on Token Pocket, and we highly value the protection for your privacy. They strictly abide by the principle of “lawful, justifiable and necessary” during your collection of your information. You acknowledge that, if you do not provide with necessary information, your user experiences on Token Pocket may be influenced. This may collect your Personal Information, including but not limited to your mobile device information, operation records, transaction records and wallet addresses.

Token Pocket Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameToken Pocket
Short NameTPT
Circulating Supply3.47B TPT
Total Supply3,466,457,400
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How You Control Your Own Information

You may import your other wallets into Token Pocket through synchronization of wallets and you may export your wallets from Token Pocket to other Tokens management wallets. When they collect information from you for a specific purpose, they will ask for your consent in advance to which you are entitled to refuse. However, you understand that when you refuse to give such consent, you also give up the choice to use specific services provided by Token Pocket.

The Personal Information may be transferred to any other country for the above mentioned purposes. TPF will obtain your consent and ensure that the recipient of personal information has the same level of personal information protection measures as TPF. If there is no personal information protection law applicable to the relationship between TPF and you in these countries or regions, they will sign a legally enforceable agreement with the receivers of personal information.

How Collect Data Automatically

A cookies (or browser cookies). Cookies are small text files set by the operator of a website or application to identify your browser or device. Token Pocket may use cookies on your apps to store and track information, such as the number and frequency of use of users, user distribution, and users’ online preferences. Cookies do not capture information that can identify you, but the information they collect can help analyze the usage of the application to improve your experience. You can turn off cookies in your browser settings. However, this may affect the functionality of the application.

A network analysis. Web analytics is a method of collecting and evaluating the operation of visitors to web pages and mobile applications. This includes analyzing traffic patterns, such as determining the frequency of visits to certain functions of a website or mobile application, or to understand the information or services that visitors are most interested in. Token Pocket use network analysis services provided by third-party tools.

Protection for the Minors

The parents and guardians of the minors shall provide guidance to the minors on using Token Pocket after they read this Policy, Token Terms of Service and other relevant rules. Token Pocket will ensure the confidentiality and security of the minors’ Personal Information in accordance with national laws and regulations. After you link to the third-party-developed DApps from Token Pocket, the privacy policies of the third-party-developed DApps will apply.

The collection and use of your Personal Information by the third-party-developed DApps will be controlled neither by TPF, nor by this Policy. 8.2 You shall carefully select and use the third-party-developed DApps and protect your Personal Information. TPF shall not be held liable for the privacy protection obligation of any third-party-developed DApps.


As a company that provides services to you, they will not actively provide your Personal Information to third parties other than the agreement, unless we obtain your consent and inform the other party’s identity, contact information, processing purpose, processing method, etc. If there is service demand of processing your personal sensitive information in the future, they will ask your opinions once again, and use it after obtaining your consent.

If you are a user outside of Singapore, you shall fully understand and conform to the laws, regulations and rules in your jurisdictions which are relevant to use of TPF. During your use of TPF services, if you come across any problems related to your Personal Information use, you may contact us through the submission of your feed backs on Token Pocket.