What Is Token Book (TBK)?

What Is Token Book (TBK)? Complete Guide Review About Token Book.

What Is Token Book (TBK)?

Token Book in the crypto world Refers to digital assets built on their own independent blockchain network. This digital asset is indeed issued directly by those who developed the blockchain protocol in question. Coins are often referred to as native crypto assets, aka “natives” in the blockchain network. For example, you must be familiar with Bitcoin (BTC), the champion in the world of digital assets. Yes, BTC is a coin because it is built on its own network. Then there is Ether (ETH) which is the native coin of the Ethereum network.

Meanwhile, tokens are digital assets built on top of the blockchain network belonging to other parties. If a coin is a “native” of a blockchain system, then a token is a “resident” there. Trust less. No single authority is able to control the circulation of tokens. Transparency. All activities using tokens can be monitored and recorded by any party. Tokens are created from various platforms that are on top of a particular blockchain.

Usually, but not always, these tokens are created on top of the Ethereum blockchain system. like a tokenbook created on the solana blockchain. Typically, crypto tokens have four principles as follows programmable. The tokens are used on top of the software protocol, which is powered by multiple smart contracts originating on the main blockchain. Permission less. Everyone can use the token without permission from any party.

Token Book Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameToken Book
Short NameTBK
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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World stone Shard

The World stone Shard has the ability to transmute items.This can improve the attributes, sometimes add new attributes, and even make that item much weaker. To be able to claim your World stone Shard all you need is to craft and equip the Token Book (see rune.game/rune-words for known Rune words) and ‘Claim Shard’ in the Farms. World stone Shards are limited to 1 per week.

Rune Infinite

Take your hero to the next level in Rune Infinite Arena by battling others for victory. Rune Infinite Arena is a web-based 2D top down game, integrated directly into the Rune ecosystem. Enter the Rune Infinity Arena with your hero, equipped with powerful weapons and armor, where you battle it out for prizes. Once an opponent has been defeated, the gate opens to a path. This path goes on infinitely. If you defeat an opponent, they go back to the beginning, and you receive a small buff.

Token Book Every 15 seconds, more of the path becomes available. Every 15 minutes you enter a new arena.The last one standing after 1 minute of battle will claim the reward, either crypto or NFTs. After the reward is claimed (or after a timeout) everyone is revived and that arena is the new spawn point. This continues. forever! Once the arena is live, it’s inconceivable it will ever be empty again, because it will provide enough reward to make a living battling it out.

Token Book

The Token Book is the governance and rewards token for the Rune ecosystem. Rune holders will be able to claim rewards generated in the ecosystem if they stake or participate in governance votes. Players will also be able to acquire tokens when they play various games within the Rune Universe and through community-generated content initiatives.There was a fair distribution of the $RUNE BEP-20 token to liquidity providers on Binance Smart Chain.

Distribution was announced in advance and there was no pre-mine or allocations before launch. A maximum supply of 22,530 $RUNE tokens were minted, and 3,230 tokens were burned, leaving a total circulating supply of 19,300 tokens. Token Book goal is to align the incentives between players and developers in novel and exciting ways.

Initially launched on Binance Smart Chain

The Token Book was initially launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as an experiment to bootstrap the ecosystem and create a community dedicated to changing the fundamental nature of gaming for the better. To facilitate the use of Rune as a rewards and payments token and connect the games within the Rune Universe the $RUNE token will be split into Rune Shards ($RXS) on a 1:10000 ratio, where 1 $RUNE = 10,000 $RXS.

The Sharding will happen in November, 2021. When you shard 1 $RUNE token on Binance Smart Chain you will receive 10,000 $RXS tokens, to be used as in game currency and rewards in games throughout the Rune Universe. The tokens will have governance voting built in, and there will be a UI for hodlers to vote on important changes to the ecosystem in early 2022.