What Is Titan Hunters(TITA)? Complete Guide Review About Titan Hunters.

Titan Hunters

What Is Titan Hunters(TITA)?

Titan Hunters is inspired by the fun game play of Diablo, Voxel’s signature look and the feel of Mine craft. It is a creative and unique project that combines NFT (Earning Nature) and the best gaming genre of MMORPG (Fun Nature). Thanks to Blockchain Technology, players can own, invest, trade and earn in Titan Hunters and other games in your universe. From coins viewpoint, the core success of an NFT game depends on how to highlight the value of the user’s NFT assets inside the game and outside the community, so the core game loop will make sure that users really need Marketplace for collecting, trading and earning.

Titan Hunters believe that having fun and deliberate game play and a sense of ownership over unique perpetual items is the proper formula for Titan Hunters to succeed.Titan Hunters starts as an MMORPG game featuring a gorgeous and fun Dungeon Crawler gameplay with a simple but tried-and-true set of systems in place. With an extremely high quality, the game brings the fun of mining or crafting spins to the genre to accompany Voxel’s signature look and feel. The Titan Hunters team wishes to create a charming and fun game crafted by mobile game development veterans.

Titan Hunters aim at delivering such experience with tons of loot, secret areas to uncover, and multiple difficulty-progressive levels to unlock. In the second phase, Titan Hunters will expand its universe to have different types of gameplay in different game worlds in which players can bring their favorite character creations and all gears to join different games with their friends. Lastly, Titan Hunters will allow players to create their own games using Titan Hunters‘ proprietary engine that can be played by other users. We also allow players to buy, sell, and create virtual items used to decorate their virtual character that serves as their avatar on the Titan Hunters platform.

Titan Hunters Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTitan Hunters
Short NameTITA
Circulating Supply66,250,000
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Many of Titan Hunters are big fans of games like League Of Legends, DOTA 2, PUBG, or Fortnite, which most people have played for many years, not just weeks or months. This many peoples dream is to create games with such longevity. Besides, they want to build games that almost everyone can play. As a result, the core pillars of the development would be gameplay and community. This coins believe in the power of simple & fun gameplay. Many of even long for the golden days of social network gaming when games were all about connecting people.

When coming to the community, players have more exciting experiences with their friends and other people. Today, Blockchain technology can make community building in gaming more real when players realize the true value of the beloved items and bring them into other games or even the real world. Titan Hunters Your parents would no longer yell at you for wasting your time on games since they create actual values through your NFTs and their market values now.

Blockchain technology helps to give the foundation of game metaverses, where a game can level up to a game universe with multiple worlds/games. As a result, players can use their assets to continue playing different games, events, or social activities without the prospect of boredom or burnout since the Guniverse is getting bigger and more updated along with the creative minds that keep contributing every day.


To sum up, we create Titan Hunters with the aim to build an easily accessible but high-quality NFT game so everyone can try playing and have fun doing so.

  • Titan Hunters is born to highlight the power of NFT and how it can disrupt the game industry. The whole project is built around the core of the gameplay, the in-game NFTs and the Marketplace.
  • Titan Hunters is hand-crafted from the ground up as a new & unique game. This commit to your users that the Titan Hunters game will grow in both mainstream market and NFT market.
  • Titan Hunters is made by the best mobile game development team in Tope box, which stands behind the super mobile gaming hits as Sky Dancer (Top 1 Game in US & China; Acquired by Byte dance for publishing rights in China; Google Play Editor Choice; and Best Indie Game by Apple) and Gun N Dungeons.

Target Market

Titan Hunters focuses on the young, Gen Z/Millennial audience since they possess the greatest energy as the leader of the market and the world in the future. This audience has a higher degree of digital savoriness. They easily access and leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok… to share and spread their viewpoints and insights about all things including games. These players themselves are basically social influences. By leveraging their online presence and sharing about Titan Hunters, the community will be able to grow fast.

Summon & Crafting System

During your journey to the Titan Hunters, defeating monsters and titans will grant you material and in-game coin, these can be used to summon gears and guns, get yourself very unique and special belongings.

There are 2 methods for Hunters to gain gears and guns:

  • Crafting: Use Crystals to craft items, items rarity will be based on Crystal type
  • Summon: Use $TITA Token to directly summon.