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What Is Tidex Token (TDX) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Tidex Token

What Is Tidex Token (TDX) Coin Review ?

Tidex Token The cryptocurrency market surprises and delights more and more every quarter, new applications of blockchain in real life are being found. Forecasts of BTC’s value seem increasingly exorbitant. The active growth of interest in blockchain has made it clear that it is the technical basis for a new iteration of the Web 3.0 Internet concept, which is starting to integrate not only into the Internet, but also into real life.

Tidex Token Today it is hard to count how many active cryptocurrencies there are. According to CoinMarketCap alone, at least 18,000 different digital assets are tracked today. And it is no longer only the realization of financial tasks – in the blockchain came art (NFT), gamification and much more . To provide asset exchange transactions, according to various estimates, there are about 600 active cryptocurrency exchanges in the world today.

Tidex Token (TDX) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTidex Token
Short NameTDX
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply150,000,000
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Tidex History

Tidex Token is a platform with a great history, a highly effective tool combining all the qualities of modern centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, originating in 2017. The founder of the exchange is the scientist Alexander Ivanov – the creator and general director of the Waves Platform platform cryptocurrency, to today the level of development of the company has reached the leading heights and the capitalization of Waves token exceeded 3 billion USDs.

Advantages of the TIDEX Ecosystem

Storage and use of cryptocurrency on the TIDEX platform

  • Safe due to perfect algorithms and the latest security systems.
  • The core of the system is based on complete data encryption.
  • Finance and assets are also strongly protected thanks to the system using cold and hot wallets.

Wide Infrastructure

  • 4 methods of spare Trade (limit orders, buying a market of orders, stop-limit orders, One cancels the OTER (OCO)
  • Primary placement of its own tokens on the Launchpad platform Tidex at the stage of collecting investment capital
  • Finance and assets are also strongly protected thanks to the system using cold and hot wallets.
  • Passive earnings on holding tokens on special wallets to maintain the operation of the blockchain network

Launching the first version of Tidex

Tidex Token A year after the launch of Waves, the first version of the Tidex exchange was launched. Initially, the project was launched as an international platform, registered in the UK, which by default included three languages – English, Russian and Chinese. The concept implied close integration with the Waves Platform, so, at the time of Tidex launch, coins were traded on the two main markets Waves and BTC. All in all, there were 11 cryptocurrencies at the launch – BTC, WAVES, WCT, WBTC, INCNT, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, BTS and STEEM


Tidex Token The year 2021 was a particularly important evolutionary period for the platform. A reassessment of priorities and concepts made it necessary to restart the project. A new team worked on the new solution, along with which came new ideas and important improvements, including technical ones. The global product update is a whole rebirth, where the new platform was created with the customer’s requests for quality and convenience in mind. High and stable speed, modern security concepts in the industry allowed millions of users around the world to fully experience the new Tidex

Evolution of the Tidex Exchange

Tidex Token Exchange is now an optimized crypto exchange for both beginners and advanced traders. Thanks to global experts and leading fintech and crypto developers formed a new system which gives traders more convenience, functionality and security. At the same time it is a platform that focuses on listings of high quality projects first of all. This is the case when you focus on quality instead of quantity. worked hard to optimize all processes, including the connection of new tokens. The new kernel technically ensures the integration of new projects in the shortest possible time, which actually gives users the ability to work with most popular projects in flow.