What Is Three Fold (TFT)?

What Is Three Fold (TFT)? Complete Guide Review About Three Fold.

What Is Three Fold (TFT)?

Three Fold use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on your website, to show you personalized content and targeted ads, to analyze your website traffic, and to understand where your visitors are coming from. No matter who you are or what you’re creating, you can be part of the People’s Internet. This library contains everything you need to start building using Fold and paves the way for the future of the decentralized Internet. The Fold library describes the Fold open source project, a Peer To Peer Internet infrastructure built from the ground up for scale. The different sub libraries cover key aspects of the project.

Three Fold All claims, content, designs, algorithms, estimates, Road maps, specifications, and performance measurements described in this project are done with the author’s best effort. It is up to the reader to check and validate their accuracy and truthfulness. Furthermore, nothing in this project constitutes a solicitation for investment.

Three Fold Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameThree Fold
Short NameTFT
Circulating Supply81,181,457.00 TFT
Total Supply476,220,974
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Three Fold Farming (“Farming”) is the process of connecting Internet capacity to the Three Grid. This process is undertaken by independent people or organization called Fold Farmers (“Farmers”). Farming is the process of adding Internet capacity (compute, storage and network) to the Fold Grid. Fold uses a proof-of-block stake consensus mechanism. By running Zero-OS on their hardware, Farmers dedicate the computation power and storage capacity of their node to the network, enabling anyone to host data and run IT workloads on a decentralized Internet infrastructure.

Three Fold In decentralized systems like Fold, they need to ensure that everey one is able to provide Internet capacity to the world. Farmers help this happen by connecting hardware that run Zero-OS. Once booted, the hardware is locked to generate Internet capacity for the network. The capacity is registered on TFChain, securing access to a decentralized Internet for users and rewarding farmers with TFT.

Who can become a farmer on ThreeFold?

Technically, anyone can farm on the Three Fold Grid using any server-type hardware. By using Proof-of-Capacity, farming was designed to reward all nodes equally according to the Internet capacity they provide to the Fold Grid. All the compute and storage data remains off-chain in order to protect the privacy of users. Once Zero-OS is booted, the device is locked in such a way that it no longer has any state or remote access, preventing farmers to access user data on a hardware level as well. Any Intel or AMD server type hardware that contains compute and/ or storage can be connected to the Fold Grid. Farmers need to download Zero-OS and boot their hardware.


The Three Fold Blockchain (TFChain) uses work algorythm called “Proof-of-Capacity“ to verify the Internet capacity provided by 3Nodes. Put simply, Proof-of-Capacity verifies, on an ongoing basis, that farms are honestly representing the Internet capacity they provide to the network. See Proof-of-Capacity in action by visiting the Fold Grid Capacity Explorer which represents the best resource to view POC-related data. Three Fold Proof-of-Capacity allows Fold Farmers to earn reward according to their contribution. Farming is the “work” itself, the act of providing Internet capacity to the network and making it accessible via Fold DAO and TFChain.

Why proof-of-capacity?

Three Fold The main advantage of Proof-of-Capacity to farmers it makes it really easy to run a 3Node. It doesn’t require huge investments in hardware or energy and everyone earns a fair reward for their contribution. It is more decentralized, allowing for increased participation, and more 3Nodes doesn’t mean increased returns, like in mining. The amount of resources availabe in a 3Node are translated into compute units (CU), storage units (SU), Network units (NU) and IP addresses (IPAddr) to calculate farming rewards. See also Cloud Units Calculation For Farming.

The above farming rewards apply for 3Nodes registered in TFChain for Three Fold Grid v3. Anyone can calculate their potential rewards using the Farming Reward Calculator. The same CU, SU, NU and IPAddr principles apply to the sales of Internet capacity in the form cloud units. The farming rewards for 3.0 are staked per 3Node and unlocked once utilization is +30% or after 24 months. Important note The Fold Token (TFT) is not an investment instrument. TFTs are used to buy and sell IT capacity on the