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What Is Thors Mead (MEAD)? Complete Guide Review About Thors Mead.

What Is Thors Mead (MEAD)?

Please read the entirety of the disclaimers found in Disclaimers before proceeding. By continuing and participating you agree to the terms found in that section of this whitepaper. Together as a community they can build something unlike anything seen before. An ecosystem built for longevity and stability. It is possible for Thors Mead to un-rank from their current Asgardian Citizenship tier if they accumulate too much WRTH and go descend to more unfavorable tax bracket.

Thors Mead Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameThors Mead
Short NameMEAD
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Odin’s Wrath (WRTH)

Odin’s Wrath, WRTH, keeps track of Asgardian’s unfavorable activities within the ecosystem. WRTH cannot be bought, sold, or transferred – only earned within The Nine Realms. WRTH tokens are accrued an Asgardian sells a VOLT token. The amount of WRTH generated from the sell is based on the price impact of the sell. The following factors can be used to determine how much WRTH your trade will incur:

  • The first 10% of price impact incurs 1 WRTH per 0.1% price impact
  • Every percent beyond 10% incurs 1 WRTH per 0.025% price impact
  • A sliding scale exists that will allow the Aesir to adjust the threshold for Modest vs. Aggressive WRTH generation. In the above example, this threshold is set at 10%, but in the future this may be scaled up or down based on the health of the protocol.

Mission Statement

Asgard GameFi is build the Nine Realms ecosystem. The primary token of the protocol is VOLT. This token represents a users part in The Nine Realms ecosystem and is planned to carry various functions across the entirety of the ecosystem starting with utility as a premium currency within the Thors Mead Online Metaverse. The Asgard protocol is composed of various unique mechanisms.

Most notably, the reputation system and Asgardian Citizenship tiers. These systems are built into the entire ecosystem and will enable you to receive benefits for actions on your part that benefit the protocol. See Asgardian Citizenship for more details.

Becoming a Citizen

Acquiring MEAD is the first step towards becoming an Asgardian Citizen. Those seeking citizenship are required to deposit 1,000 MEAD in Thor’s Tavern as tribute. Citizenship Tiers are based on the sum of your favorable and unfavorable actions within the Asgard ecosystem. Everyone begins as a Freeholder with 0 reputation. Thors Mead citizenship concept was implemented by the Aesir as a means to promote a healthy ecosystem. As Asgard matures, the citizenship tier system may be modified as the Aesir and community see fit.

Starting your Journey in Asgard

There are two ways to begin participating in Asgard. Purchasing VOLT on the open market or pledging for VOLT. VOLT can be purchased from the TraderJoe’s DEX using DAI. Follow this link to purchase VOLT. Pledging allows prospective Asgardians to accumulate VOLT at a discount by exchange certain tokens for VOLT over vesting period (normally 5 days). These discounts are not always available, the price is dynamic and depends on the amount of outstanding VOLT in the pledge contracts. Available pledges can be found here. All pledged tokens go to the fund treasury.

Reputation System

The Nine Realms including Asgard utilizes a reputation system for its citizens. Reputation is measured by the difference of your accrued reputation tokens. Odin’s Favor (FVOR) and Odin’s Wrath (WRTH). Thors Mead reputation system does not allow you to sell or transfer tokens between wallets. These tokens will be used to track your reputation. In other words, reputation is strictly tied to the wallet you use to interact with the ecosystem.

Odin’s Favour (FVOR)

Thors Mead keeps track of Asgardian’s favorable activities within ecosystem. FVOR cannot be bought, sold, or transferred. It can only earned within The Nine Realms. FVOR is granted every rebase to each Asgardian that keeps their VOLT tokens in the Forge of Asgard. The rate at which FVOR is granted is based on the FRR (Favour Reward Rate). A higher FVOR balance allows you to ascend citizenship tiers in Asgard and places you in progressively lower tax brackets among other perks.

FVOR balance will also have a measurable positive effect on your stats such as luck in Midgard Online. Periodically, the Aesir may adjust the FRR to increase the amount of FVOR awarded per rebase. These augmented emissions rates will be reserved for special occasions, events, and holidays that will be announced by the Aesir.

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