What Is Thor starter (XRUNE)?

What Is Thor starter (XRUNE)? Complete Guide Review About Thor starter.

What Is Thor starter (XRUNE)?

Thor starter is a decentralized protocol to increase and relay liquidity through the native Thorchain network. It allows users to efficiently and safely swap long tail crypto assets, and allows any smart contract enabled blockchain to access liquidity from any other Thorchain-compatible chain. Thor will act as an IDO platform for new projects, providing them with deep liquidity right from the start. Alternatively, Thor will enable existing projects to reach investors and participants across multiple blockchains by creating a liquidity pool for their token paired with XRUNE. Thor complements the Thor ecosystem, and benefits from its liquidity and capabilities, while also extending its utility.

XRUNE also has several secondary benefits for Thor starter network participants. Primarily , it allows cheap ASSET-ASSET swaps when on the same chain, and allows for the integration of other smart contracts and DeFi protocols. Further, a steady pipeline of high quality IDO launches on Thor starter has the added benefit of creating buying demand for XRUNE. As Thorchain network liquidity deepens, the ecosystem fund will be further capitalized to support projects which launch in a fair, decentralized way. The Thor launch sale structure and fair launch ethos has been made publicly available.

Thor starter Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameThor starter
Short NameXRUNE
Circulating Supply80,689,454.00 XRUNE
Total Supply500,000,000
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The Problem With Thorchain, and Your Solution

Thor starter uses an economic model to aggregate and deepen liquidity. The protocol will have important implications for the future of both crypto and DeFi. To understand these implications, they need to take a step back and look at how Thorchain works. starter’s primary end users. They will come to the Thor starter dapp, a simple web based UI, to take part in a project’s IDO, or to swap long and short tail crypto assets in one transaction.

Understanding Thorchain

For example, if one individual wishes to trade a battle axe today, while another wishes to trade leather belts tomorrow, a monetary medium of exchange is needed. Thor starter native token, RUNE, is akin to a form of money, effectively solving the “double
coincidence of wants” problem. This is a problem that arises when two individuals wish to trade items that the other party does not want in exchange (at the same time).

In the traditional finance world, fiat money like USD is used as a medium of exchange. In crypto, currencies like ETH or stable coins like USDT are often used instead. This is because, with tens of thousands of crypto assets available, it’s not always the case that someone will want to trade your battle axe.

Thorstarter Provides Fair Launches and Deep Liquidity

New projects come to Thor to launch their token because of the platform’s community and reach. Those unfamiliar with the core technology of Thor starter are encouraged to read the whitepaper which describes the platform, and the community resources which have been built around it. Thor starter builds on these functions, and expands them, offering advantages to each group of individuals who interact with Thorchain.

However, they are also seeking a fair launch paradigm in which all of their nascent community can participate. Once established, projects pool their token with XRUNE on connected-chain automated market makers (AMMs) in order to enable swaps from any ThorChain supported asset to and from their token.

Network Design & Economics

This follows the standard rewards model of all other approved RUNE-ASSET pools on Thorchain. Like Thorchain, Thor starter is made up of many different liquidity pools. In Thorchain, RUNE pools sit on Thorchain’s native AMM. In Thorstarter, there are XRUNE pools on Thorchain as well as on external AMMs. XRUNE is paired with RUNE as a liquidity pool on Thorchain. LPs earn fees in both RUNE and XRUNE, based on the volume of transactions occurring between these assets block by block.