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What Is Therat? (RAT) Complete Guide Review About Therat.

What Is Therat?

The Therat Coin Antiquities Token is a BVI registered business and is the utility token for the blockchain platform RAT To Pay. The aim of the Rare Antiquities Token is to be the first cryptocurrency used in the museum, gallery and heritage sector whilst also adding to the company assets through the purchasing of appreciating antiquities. The Rare Antiquities Token consists of three main elements, the RAT To Pay chargeback programme, the RAT Antiquities Wallet, and the NFT antiquity rewards for holders.

Therat Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTherat Coin
Short NameRAT
Circulating Supply
Total Supply500,000,000,000
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RAT To Pay

RAT To Pay is the infrastructure that allows the museum, gallery and heritage sector to accept The Rare Antiquities Token for admission, goods, dealings and other related tangible goods or services. Through the RAT To Pay chargeback programme, holders of RAT can enter museums using RAT and their admission fee will automatically be refunded to their RAT wallet making entry free of charge.

The Metcalfe Effect

RAT To Pay as a Therat platform targets the mass market, where growth of the user base will feature Metcalfe’s law (which states the value of a network is proportionate to the square of the number of connected users of the system).

Antiquities Wallet Overview

The Antiquities Wallet serves two purposes to the benefit of all RAT holders.
When a holder uses RAT for admission to a partner museum, they are automatically refunded the fee from the Antiquities Wallet. This ensures that all RAT holders gain free admission with all
partners in the sector.

The Antiquities Wallet is also used for the Therat Coin purchase and secure storage of appreciating antiquities. With purchased antiquities belonging to the Rare Antiquities Token as a physical asset, a stable price floor is attached to the value of RAT.

Why RAT?

RAT to Pay employs Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology in a number of ways to make the appealing to investors.

Non Fungible Token (NFT)

The Therat digital collectibles offer through the Rare Antiquities Token are NFTs. Upon purchase of an antiquity, and deed providing proof of legitimacy is stored. The NFT standard allows for verifiable digital scarcity with a proven authenticity and an immutable proof of ownership. NFT’s allow for more details attributed to be included such as rich metadata about the asset as well as proof of ownership and legitimacy of the antiquity.

Through fractional distribution proportionate to a holders holding, RAT holders can not only become owners of an NFT, but these metadata authenticated details allow owners to be confidence about the authenticity and provenance of the NFT.


To facilitate Therat Coin effortless buying, selling and trading of antiquities amongst dealers and collectors in the museum, gallery and heritage sector, RAT To Pay leverages blockchain for the instant transfer of RAT between users. This cuts costs and time that is normally associated with transactions made in fiat. Partners will accept RAT for the purchase of rare antiquities and agreements made to maintain a healthy lasting partnership that any RAT from the purchase is vested.

Minting and NFT Ownership

When a new rare antiquity is purchased, as well as adding to the market cap of RAT, a new digital asset will also be created. This is done by minting an NFT from the deed of the purchased antiquity. Each NFT is provided with an associated URI which links that NFT to a set of metadata which includes the antiquities name, licensor, brand, ownership, and type of antiquity. After the minting of an NFT, the fractional ownership is sent to the address of holders proportionate
to their holdings at the time of the antiquity purchase.

RAT Tokens

Therat In order to facilitate the use of cryptocurrency in the museum, gallery and heritage sector, RAT To Pay utilises the Rare Antiquities Token. There will only be 500 billion RAT tokens minted and these are purchased during the ILO, or on an exchange