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What Is Thehappycoin? (HAPPY) Complete Guide Review About Thehappycoin.

What Is Thehappycoin?

Thehappycoin Coin Launched on April 20th, 2021, HappyCoin is a charity token that donates to mental health organizations on a weekly basis! With an initial 2.5% of supply reserved for the charity wallet, they charge a tax of 10% on every transaction, with 5% being added to the liquidity pool and the other 5% redistributed to holders to reward investors and to keep the charity wallet flowing.

Thehappycoin Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameThehappycoin Coin
Short NameHAPPY
Circulating Supply639,317.86B HAPPY
Total Supply170,480
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Why happy the world needs happy?

They are raised with the understanding that the physical health is important, but what
about the mental health? Approximately 10% of the world’s population experiences moderate-tosevere, but treatable, symptoms of mental illness. However, many of us struggle to access appropriate care and supporting resources.

The stigma around mental illness is a deadly one. Societal expectations to conform to neurotypical behavioral patterns means that mental illness is frequently considered a weakness or a choice as opposed to a real, quantifiable disease.

Faces of $happy

Thehappycoin is a community token that is truly run by the community. Everyone on the team started out just like you – holders with a lot of love to share, advice to give and a drive to do something good for the world. Come and say hi to the team on telegram / discord or reddit!- There are a mix of doxxed and undoxxed members. If you feel you have skills that are beneficial to the movement, get in contact with us and we’ll find a space for you. 

Financial freedom

The economic systems play a majorrole in undermining mental health. When human labor is commodified, it removes our ability to advocate for the own well-being. In many developed countries, productivity is wrung out of exhausted and underresourced workers, leaving them with little to no access to avenues ofrest and healing. Under the status quo, a lack of steady income is synonymous with a lack of consistent medical support.

Resources for mental health

Get some sleep

Thehappycoin Coin Sleep is essential for both the physical and mental health. Sleep helps to regulate the chemicals in the brain which are important in managing the moods and emotions. If we don’t get enough sleep, they can start to feel not only fatigued, but have an increased chance in becoming anxious, stressed or even depressed.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

Excessive drinking and smoking can have effects which affect your mental health. It can be harder to focus and concentrate. Continuous excessive alcohol or drug consumption can lead to addiction, which will not only effect yourself, but others around you. It is recommended not to drink more than 13 units of alcohol a week.

Get plenty of sunlight

Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D which is essential for normal metabolic function . (There’s also evidence to suggest its a player in the fight against COVID) It helps Thehappycoin brains to release chemicals which improve the mood, like endorphins and serotonin. Try to go out in the sun when you can, but make sure you keep your skin and eyes safe. 30 minutes to two hours a day of sunlight is ideal.

Manage stress

Stress is often unavoidable, but knowing what triggers your stress and knowing how to cope is key in maintaining good mental health. Try to manage your responsibilities and worries by making a list or a schedule of when you can resolve each issue. Often if you break down your worries and stresses and write them down, you realise that they are manageable.


Exercise is key in physical health – Thehappycoin Coin but its also a key player in maintaining good mental health. Being active not only gives you a sense of achievement, but it boosts the chemicals in your brain that help put you in a good mood. (endorphins) Exercising can help eliminate low mood, anxiety, stress and fatigue. You don’t need to run a marathon or play 90 minutes of football; a short walk or some another gentle activity can do the trick.

connect with others

Make an effort to maintain good relationships and talk to people whenever you get the chance. Being surrounded by friends can be important not just for your self-esteem, but also for providing support when you’re not feeling too great. Research has found that talking to others for just ten minutes can improve memory and test scores!


With so many in need,trying to find a place to start can be overwhelming, but they understand that when Thehappycoin something feels too big to manage, the best way to move forward is by starting small. To address the cause in the world around us, Happy will use this tactic to structure the donation schedule.


Happy is a token by the community,for the community. They leveled the playing field by starting with a fair launch and renounced the token contract to ensure your security and prevent the developers from ever tampering with the code. To further protect your coin and the longevity ofthis project, they burned the Liquidity, making this coin un-ruggable

Make the world a happy-er place They are the happycoin team.

Thehappycoin Coin mission is to make the world a Happy-er place by organizing meaningful donations focused on mental health, while facilitating the potentialfor economic security for the holders atthe same time. As they continue to grow they are actively building an engaged and passionate community and having a ton offun along the way!