What Is Thecitadeltoken? (THECITADEL) Complete Guide Review About Thecitadeltoken.

What Is Thecitadeltoken? (THECITADEL) Complete Guide Review About Thecitadeltoken.

What Is Thecitadeltoken?

The Thecitadeltoken Coin is an ERC20 token where all the tax money goes back to The Citadel’s Citizens. Unlike other tokens, the Citadel has no developer tax, no team tax. All of the tax money goes back in forms of buybacks and a hedge-fund like a system where the tax money is also used for investing in other coins, where all the profit is given back to the tax wallet (The Iron bank).

Thecitadeltoken Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameThecitadeltoken Coin
Circulating Supply
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000,000
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Thecitadeltoken like to call ourselves the VC of crypto, where all the citizens’ wealth is not stored only in the token’s value itself but also in The Iron Bank that holds all the crypto assets and investments of the great Citadel.

The Iron Bank

The Iron Bank is where The Citadel stores its gold reserves; it is used for buybacks and addition to the liquidity pool, buying long terms assets, short term promising tokens, and authentic marketing where all the transactions are shared with The Citadel in real-time. Every transaction that takes place in The Iron Bank can be seen in these links:

  • Zerion  
  • TheIronBank.eth

In the Thecitadeltoken Coin Iron Bank, not just the high market caps are taken but also promising low cap memecoins. The next potential 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x tokens are here in the great Iron Bank. All the profits made with the trades go back to the cycle through buybacks, making the price floor and liquidity constantly rise, regardless of whether they have new money coming in or not, it does not matter; the profits made from the trades and the taxes of the transaction will push the price and Liquidity Pool higher gradually.

The Round Table

The Round Table is a closed group (open for now) where only The Citadel members can access and share promising projects and good entries; together and with the right connections, they have information that 99.9% of the crypto investors don’t have, and that makes The Citadel even Stronger.

On being supported by The Citadel

Whenever The Thecitadeltoken supports a token, it gets exposed to all of the citizens, making it super bullish for the token itself; having The Iron Bank’s address (TheIronBank.eth) amongst the holders is a reason to be proud, and for that reason, people start talking about us, The Citadel gets exposed in other communities telegram groups, and Twitter accounts and more people get to know us, free marketing.


The Citadel’s Alliances work as a mutual partnership between us and another promising project. When an Alliance is formed, both projects (The Citadel and the other part) buy each other a share of their supply. It works as a simple buyback; the only difference is that both communities get exposed to both tokens; since there is no conflict of interest, both parts win.

Thecitadeltoken Coin Once an Alliance is formed with The Citadel, The Iron Bank will purchase the chosen project’s token and let the community know that we support them; the same will happen the other way around. The investment size will be based on the ratio established by the risk assessment.

Team and token distribution

They are a community token. Maythous is the founder, manager, and the only dev; they all work together on the same goal, they want every citizen to take daily actions for The Citadel. They believe that if they work together, they are bigger and stronger than any other team.

There Thecitadeltoken are no team tokens nor team tax; all the taxes go solely to The Iron Bank.
100% of the tokens went to liquidity; there were no pre-loaded wallets. Some bots were blacklisted, so the circulating supply is only 84% of the total tokens.