The Sun Rises

What Is The Sun Rises(SUNRISE)? Complete Guide Review About The Sun Rises.

What Is The Sun Rises(SUNRISE)?

The Sun Rises is a certainty for billions of years and certainly will be for many more. SUNRISE is a token so mundane and so true that everyone can own and count on the fact that it will always rise. The project team wants you to participate in a token that will give you peace of mind and capital appreciation as long as you hold. The code design includes an hourly deflation mechanism and an ever-increasing liquidity pool that will keep the SUNRISE everyday, no doubt.

The Sun Rises Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameThe Sun Rises
Circulating Supply21,000,000.00 SUNRISE
Total Supply21,000,000
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Sunrise Protocol

The Sun Rises has a negative rebase system to reduce total supply of the token in order to increase the market value of each token for a foreseeable future. This implies a flexible supply system of the SUNRISE token. The system is a code-binded protocol that SUNRISE tokens in your wallet will decrease over time, but the market value of each token will increase to at least maintain your share of total market value.

For example, if you bought 10% of the total market value, rebase means that even if the total number of SUNRISE tokens is reduced, you will still own at least 10% of the total market value. SUNRISE has deployed a mathematical code that while destroying parts of the token supply, its aim is to make each coin to reach a total value of $21,000 BUSD.

Sunrise Auto-LP

The Sun Rises deploys an automatic liquidity pool in the contract. The algorithm automatically takes 18% of the handling fee from each transaction. Whether it is buying or selling, it will be allocated to liquidity, repurchase, project marketing & buy back, and passive income to holders.

When a user sells a large amount of SUNRISE in a short period of time, the code will activate the Buyback function to steadily increase prices to constantly increase the price and keep SUNRISE to continuously rise. A company project team secret sauce here is the dynamic/algorithmic buyback mechanism that’s second to none. The mechanism also includes a burn that ensures the protocol works the way it’s supposed.

Special Feature

MAX value where The Sun Rises becomes a stable coin: $21,000 BUSD: The max value of each SUNRISE token is set in the contract to reach $21,000 BUSD. Come join us! Keep buying and building a community around SUNRISE to achieve our financial freedom. SUNRISE is a dynamic supply token built on Binance Smart Chain. The token will be burnt, bought back, so as to achieve the goal of ever-increasing the value of the token.

What Is Dynamic Supply Token?

Dynamic supply tokens have a constantly changing circulating supply. Algorithmic equations built in a blockchain contract will enable this feature, letting the supply to constantly change for the better price. The rebasing mechanism adjusts the total supply periodically. For example, supposedly we have an elastic supply token that aims to achieve a value of 1 USD. If the price falls below 1 USD, the rebase reduces the current supply, increasing the value of each token. This is known as a negative rebase.

The Sun Rises mechanism adjusts the token circulating supply periodically. Assume you had 2 tokens at 1 BUSD each and there are 100 tokens in existence, and the total market value is 100 BUSD and you own 2%. After rebase, there are 50 tokens and you own 1, and the price is 2 BUSD. You still own 2 BUSD worth of tokens, you still own 2%. If total market value rises to 200 BUSD you have 2x your investment. Your tokens will never reach zero due to how the rebasing is designed.

How Do I Track The Value Of My Investment?

The Sun Rises total market value (Market Cap on Poocoin chart) when you acquire tokens. When you become a SUNRISE holder you hold a percentage of the market cap in BUSD term. As negative rebases occur, the amount of tokens in your wallet will decrease, but the percentage of the total market share you own will never change (assuming you don’t buy or sell).

As the market cap increases, so does the value of your investment. Due to the special nature of tokens, the price of tokens will be readjusted at intervals. If you hold SUNRISE in your wallet, you will notice that they decrease after rebase. This changes the supply of tokens without requiring the holder to do anything.