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What Is The Silent Sea (TSSEA)? Complete Guide Review About The Silent Sea.

What Is The Silent Sea (TSSEA)?

The greenhouse acts as an inventory for players to check out their NFT’s and the stats on the NFT’S. The main function of the greenhouse is for players to mutate The Silent Sea to potentially get a higher tier NFT. Right to object to processing that serves the legitimate interest of intelligent fluids GmbH or Facebook, a public interest or profiling, unless intelligent fluids GmbH or Facebook can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for processing that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms prevail, or the processing serves to assert, exercise or defend legal claims.

The Silent Sea is a storage building for all harvested crops by a player. When the player activates their NFT(Seed) the growing phase starts. The player will be given a cool down which acts as the ”grow time”. Once the crop is fully grown the player is able to harvest it to obtain the crops. The crops get sent to the silo for storage until the player decides whether they want to sell them on the Farmer’s market or use them as an ingredient to make more advanced recipes.

The Silent Sea Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameThe Silent Sea
Short NameTSSEA
Circulating Supply509,241,000.00 TSSEA
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Farm fields

The farm fields is the place on the map for players to start growing their seeds into crops. Players click on the farm fields and start the growing phase with their seed NFT. A maximum of 9 NFTs are able to be planted at once. Once the player accepts the pop-up it starts. After 8 hours the seeds have turned into crops and the player is able to harvest by interacting with the farm. The harvested crops will be sent to the silo for storage. The NFT marketplace will be the base of the The Silent Sea ecosystem. Players are able to access the NFT marketplace to purchase and sell NFTs to other players. A small percentage of the buys/sells on the marketplace will be taken for development/staking rewards.


The barn functions as a storage for The Silent Sea tokens. Players are able to deposit/withdraw tokens anytime. Once the player stores DVILLE tokens in the barn they are eligible for rewards after phase 1 launch. The map acts as a general overview of all the different buildings in the game.

Players are able to interact with the buildings on the map. In phase 1 only a few buildings will be interactive. As development goes on more buildings will have their functionality added. The Silent Sea After having used the last mutation, the player will no longer be able to use their seed NFT for mutating. However, their seed NFT can still be used for planting, as the water stat will refill over time.

What are mutations?

Mutating is a way for the players to use two separate seed The Silent Sea to mint a new NFT. To be able to do this, the player has to be the owner of the two used NFT’s. Apart from having to use 1 mutation point per mutation, there are no requirements for the NFT’s to be able to mutate. This means that the NFT’s can be of any EVOL and any crop to mutate. All combinations are possible.

This is because The Silent Sea has an ascending number. In the case of EVOL0 seeds, the number dictates how often this seed has already been mutated. This is not the case with EVOL1 to EVOL10 seeds. Here, the number dictates how often the seeds can still be mutated and will go down by one after each mutation. The EVOL on the seed will also give the player a good indication about the maximum amount of mutations their seed has.

Mint prices

The table above dictates the price the players have to pay for minting their NFT’s. When the players are about to mint a new NFT, they can look at this table if they would like to know the added up costs for minting one. For both of the used The Silent Sea, the player will have to look at the NFT’s EVOL number on the left side of the table.

Then on the top side, the player can find the number of times their NFT has already been minted. By doing this, the player will be able to see the costs for minting for both their NFT’s. These costs need to be added up to each other to get the full price in $DVILLE. These fees will be used to create more value for the holders by reducing the circulation of $DVILLE.


While all NFT’s can be mutated with each other, all The Silent Sea also have one perfect match. This means that for every type of seed, there is one other type of seed that is a perfect match to that type of seed. Knowing which seeds are a perfect match, is particularly handy when players want to mint higher rarity seeds. Because for obtaining an NFT with a higher rarity, the players will need to mutate NFT’s with their perfect match. However, even with a perfect match, there will still be a chance for the mutation to fail. In which case the player will get an NFT of the same rarity as their predecessors, and in some cases, the rarity will be even lower.

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