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What Is Tenset (10SET) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Tenset

What Is Tenset (10SET) Coin Review ?

Tenset is revolutionising the investment field in cryptocurrency. They offer investors exposure to a wide range of assets through holding our 10set token, thanks to the ETF 2.0 portfolio. Profits from the portfolio are used to buy 10set and permanently burn them for deflation. They offer a world-class launchpad platform that features only the greatest crypto projects with huge potential, as well as the largest airdrop pool in the crypto space.

Tenset To celebrate the successful launch of 4th gem FAME MMA a couple of weeks ago, will be awarding 1 lucky community member a ROLEX watch! Nominees from each of community groups have been selected, based on activity and overall contribution to the Tenset spirit. 2 candidates have been put forward in Japan to make the voting chances more even for other nationalities, as they have the largest Tenset community. The power now lies with 10set token holders to decide who should win the Rolex! Which community will prove strongest and support their colleague? Minimum 100 10set required to vote.

Tenset (10SET) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTenset
Short Name10SET
Circulating Supply89,253,570.66 10SET
Max Supply210,000,000
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Gem Launch Platform

Tenset offers a world-class launchpad for promising crypto projects. This platform will only feature the greatest blockchain projects that have huge potential on a global scale. have a vigorous assessment and vetting process when considering a project in order to ensure the highest quality and future potential. offer an unmatched service in the market that will incubate and guide projects from an early stage all the way to the top of the crypto rankings. This exclusive launchpad offers 10set holders the lucrative opportunity to invest in projects with enormous potential at the presale, and allows the ETF portfolio to grow rapidly as Tenset will also invest. These projects have the potential to grow 100x and more, as can be seen with first Gem, Metahero, which experienced 170x in the first few months since launch, and third Gem Everdome reached 92x in just 1 week after launching.

Tenset Infinity

Tenset Infinity Airdrop is a game changing utility introduced to the 10set token. This platform offers a lucrative passive income to loyal Tenset holders who lock their 10set. Investors can lock their 10set for 6 to 24 months and in return earn DAILY airdrops from all of the different crypto projects participating in the Infinity pool, including 10set. are building the largest airdrop pool in the entire crypto space and onboarding TENS of tokens to the pool at a given time that will be shared to all investors who lock!

Tenset Incubator

Tenset To facilitate rapid growth in portfolio, Tenset has created an Incubator where will provide initial support and make long term investments in projects with potential that are not featuring in the Gem Launch Platform.

The portfolio is the core aspect of Tenset, as this is how the project generates profit and funds the buyback and burns which reward holders. As a result, growing this portfolio is of major importance to the team. The bigger and faster can grow ETF 2.0 portfolio, the higher the profits can generate and in turn purchase more 10set on the market and burn them for deflation!

Tenset has built a reputation as a serious and well respected investor in the crypto space. As a result, Tenset receives many offers to participate in early sales of projects that have huge potential. The projects will be carefully selected and vetted to guarantee security of Tenset’s funds. These opportunities are afforded to Tenset due to reputation and are not open to the general public to purchase such a large stake.


Tenset has built a mobile app on both Android and iOS that contains a fully-fledged wallet that supports the Ethereum network. The app has many additional Tenset features compared to a traditional wallet, such as 10set network statistics and notifications for staking rewards as well as company-related news


Tenset governance enables 10set token holders to participate in the decision-making process and influence the future direction of the project. Voting is weighted in tiers, ranging from 1 to 4 votes depending on the quantity of 10set held. Each wallet can vote once per question.