What Is Telos (TLOS)? Complete Guide Review About Telos .

What Is Telos (TLOS)? Complete Guide Review About Telos .

What Is Telos (TLOS)?

Telos is built for speed and scalability making it the ideal network for mainstream adoption – The based Tokens NFT’s and Smart Contracts are already used for DeFi, Gaming, Social Media apps and so much more. The is home to over 100 distinct applications (dApps) including Taikai, Qudo, Qubicles, Appics, Wordproof, Seeds, Zeptagram, and NewLife. These applications enjoy the networks speed (0.5s block times) and scale (10,000+ TPS) but also the robust on-chain services that provides for voting, sentiment, decentralized file storage, location and much more.

The upcoming The EVM (currently on testnet) will be the most performant and most affordable Ethereum Virtual Machine available. When it arrives Telos Coin will be the only blockchain to support the two leading standards EVM and EOSIO for smart contract development. These two technologies together make up the majority of the top dApps on popular tracking websites such as dapp radar.

Telos Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Telos Coin
Short NameTELOS
Circulating Supply270,123,443.84 TLOS
Total Supply355,208,371
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Flexible Price

The live Telos price today is $0.668117 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,157,669 USD. They update to USD price in real-time. This is down 1.14% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #268, with a live market cap of $180,474,145 USD. It has a circulating supply of 270,123,444 coins and the max. supply is not available.


Top brands already use Telos Blockchain for real-world activities including transparent hackathon judging and payments through Taikai

The most advanced smart contract network available today

Evolutionary Governance

Using Telos’ Decide Governance Engine Telos and apps deploying on it can evolve utilizing popular voting methods.

Flexible & User-Friendly Fee Models

Two cost models – With option for projects to cover user fees.

BTC & ETH Scaling

Peg tokens like BTC, ETH and USDT onto for fast, fee-less user transactions. Scale Ethereum DeFi with Telos EVM

No Front Running

Telos validator nodes process transactions in the order they are received leaving no nasty surprises.

Human Friendly Names

Unique easy to remember human readable names for everyone.

Game Changer – One Blockchain, Two Leading Protocol Technologies


The natively runs eosio C++ smart contract technology. The leading decentralized stack for high throughput decentralized applications.

Solidity EVM

Telos will be the first EVM compatible blockchain built on eosio. Deploy and run your Ethereum Apps using EVM for the most performant DeFi available.

The main features of the Telos ecosystem include:

Economic and geographic decentralization to ensure the security and safety of the chain

.Equitable pay structure to incentivize node operators

.Developer-friendly tools and low-cost deployment

.On-Chain Governance

Community support, including the Works proposal system and grant making for new projects, from the independent Foundation.

A truly decentralized network operated by visionaries, technologists, builders, trail blazers and active stakeholders

The Telos Coin ecosystem has been paving the way to Web 3.0 ever since the mainnet went live in 2018. Launching with no ICO or VC funding has allowed the network to grow in a truly decentralized fashion. The ’ strong governance structure, complimented by a suite of powerful  Decide tools, empowers token holders. This is an open network, where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute and impact to the direction of the chain.

A growing base

The is home to more than 30 core developers, over 50 validator teams, dozens of innovative products, complemented by 100s of active community contributors. The broader The community includes more than 900,000 user accounts on the network, over 6,000 followers on Telegram groups and other social channels, and over 150 companies from over 180 countries,

Developers are working to build over 100 distributed applications on Telos as of early 2021, including the music rights-trading platform Zeptagram, gaming platform QUDO, Social media platform Appics, decentralized storage solution dStor and the payments system Sesacash. A full list of dApps on Telos is available here.

Telos Features

The The ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate and has quickly amassed a slew of innovative features that give it a competitive edge over other platforms. It can be used as a full stack alternative or as a scaling solution depending on a projects needs.