Teledactyl Ico Review – Blockchain for Healthcare

Teledactyl Ico Review

About Teledactyl

Blockchain and Crypto Health Tech Company “Teledactyl” seeks to Disrupt Healthcare Market. Teledactyl is the first U.S blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem with its own cryptocurrency payment system and is on a mission to restore and optimize patient-provider relationships. “The advent of blockchain technology has been all the buzz in the realm of healthcare IT and is proving to be much more than the backbone of encrypted, anonymous electronic fund transfers.

Teledactyl is being developed as an original Personal Health Record (PHR) Blockchain system for the healthcare industry that has the ability to store and share patient information—like a patient’s health record—digitally through the most secured encrypted transmission platform known today. In addition, it will offer cryptocurrency utility tokens used by those who do or do not have third-party insurance in exchange for health services. Teledactyl is a total solution for the new generation of healthcare.

Teledactyl Key Information

Token NameTeledactyl
Tokens for sale700,000,000
Price in ICO0.0105 USD
Distributed in ICO70%
Token SymbolTDCL
Token TypeWaves
Soft cap10,000,000 USD
Hard cap25,000,000 USD
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The Game Change Team Behind Teledactyl

Teledactyl Ico Review - Blockchain for Healthcare

How was success measured?

  • Patient matching and interoperability needs are defined by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and ONC which is outlined in document CMS-9115-P.
  • Confidentiality and integrity would be proven if the patient information was secured and only accessible to users authorized by the patient.
  • Once confidentiality and integrity were achieved, availability would be achieved by the technology team from One Med Chart (OMC) building the UI application for the Web, Play Store, and App Store on the Cloud

Testing successful

  • Patient matching and interoperability: Yes through the patient matching algorithm, which is only possible through the blockchain.
  • Confidentiality and integrity: Yes. In testing, patient information was secured and only accessible to users authorized by the patient as demonstrated by unauthorized users not being able to access records. They also tested the security of the system, ensuring vulnerabilities were eliminated at all layers.
  • Availability: Yes. The technology team successfully built a One Med Chart UI application for the Web, Play Store, and App Store.
  • Transfer through common mediums: Yes. they successfully transferred data through email, fax, uploads, and APIs.


Teledactyl acknowledge that security is not 100% as any system is vulnerable to brute force attacks. Additionally, availability is 99.99% due to the system having redundancy and load balancing on the cloud. Moreover, patient matching could be possible using SQL or NOSQL, but only in theory as every health IT company would have to share their database(s) schema, have the same SQL capabilities, especially with personnel, and, most importantly, treat the SQL database as a blockchain, which is a difficult concept to comprehend and even more difficult to implement.


As an adjunct to your current operations, A subscriptions offer innovative, next-generation tools that enhance the patient-provider relationship. You get a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), a competitive technological advantage and access to your own private server, hosting your web client platform. Teledactyl eVisit is a unique, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform, using 3CX technology. They offer a secure, simple way to see your patients from a computer, tablet or mobile device, wherever you have connection. They want you on board, providing feedback, as company create the telemedicine software of the future.

Which Telemedicine Platform Should You Choose?

When you compare video solutions for telemedicine, you can see there’s a real difference. If you’re serious about going down the telemedicine path, use Teledactyl eVisit. While other platforms offer video conferencing services, they only solve one piece of the telemedicine puzzle. Teledactyl eVisit is a unique, next-generation, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. It’s business as usual, online.

Teledactyl solution enhances and complements your existing processes. They help you increase the utilization and effectiveness of telemedicine by recreating the in-office experience. Virtual visits enable more 1-on-1 time with your patients. Teaching and sharing tools allow for improved communication and comprehension. The platform ensures ease of communication within your virtual practice. It’s the whole package.