What Is Tap coin (TTT)?

What Is Tap coin (TTT)? Complete Guide Review About Tap coin.

What Is Tap coin (TTT)?

Tap coin Change is the global gaming exchange for the movements of assets (NFT’s) and in-game currency across the gaming ecosystem. There was a 25% pre-mine of $XSPC that was generated to promote the overall development and growth of the project. The categories that these funds have been allocated to include. community rewards, marketing expenses, project development, and technological advancements. These funds are non-staking wallets and are locked to ensure the community gains the most reward possible from the blockchain incentives.

Tap coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTap coin
Short NameTTT
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Build a better gaming experience

Tap coin Change helps you launch, monetize and scale your game with state of the art cross-platform, game currency/NFT movement throughout your ecosystem. Spectre Security aims to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency community and security professionals. By streamlining the process of contacting developers, determining cryptocurrency project traits, and performing the steps of coin development, we assist in producing a higher standard platform that is the key to success.

A new way to launch, monetize and scale

Accelerate your game development experience using on-chain technology. Market, connect and optimize your game with Game X Change. It is imperative that they develop a strong community that is willing to work together to create a more secure blockchain network. No matter your role within the Spectre Security project, they are the “SpectreArmy”. They will implement numerous community incentives that will reward those who participate.

Engage and retain users across your titles

Provide your users a new way to play and earn! Generate new and meaningful revenue opportunities for you and your players. Partnerships are an imperative key to any cryptocurrency project’s survival. Tap coin strive to establish partnerships in multiple industries. All future partnerships will be based on your incentive, as instructed within your TRP program. This rewards program will establish a discount to those who have chosen to obtain goods and services utilizing the Spectre Security’s cryptocurrency.

Earn More Revenue

Utilize dynamic play and earn models that create resealable game assets for new revenue opportunities. Connect your game to a vast network of games, users and other integrated games. Grow your gaming community and connect with influencers, partners and launchpads.

Through the future of asset exchange we bring all your games together. Play to earn and get paid to play. Carry your assets and currency across multiple games. Collect NFT’s and virtual assets that can be used in various gaming titles.

What are Spectre Security’s researcher incentives?

Tap coin developers and security researchers will be rewarded for submitting flaws found in the blockchain code and project. Documenting these issues are of great assistance when guiding clients in a correct blockchain development path. If someone is aware of a flaw, they have the ability to get it patched immediately. They desire to assist clients in securing network and code. They call this program “SpectreAware”, which is part of your TRP program.

What are masternodes?

Master nodes (MN) are simply a node that retains a full copy of the blockchain in real time. It is active 24/7 and is consistently interacting with other master nodes to ensure a fully stable and performing decentralized network is maintained. Tap coin Operating a MN assists the network, as there will always be a stable node with multiple connections around the world running. As a reward, any individual that hosts a MN will be compensated with $XSPC paid straight to their wallet on a reoccurring basis.