Tactoken Ico Review – Cryptocurrency Advertising Revolution

Tactoken Ico Review

About Tactoken

Tactoken, also known as The Advertising Currency, is a utility based currency designed specifically for the use within the Open Source Marketing Platform. Although this currency is a utility currency, as with all cryptocurrencies, they can and will be traded on open markets and the creators of the TAC project make no guarantees as to the value they may or may not hold outside of the OSMP-TAC platform.

This currency is not an investment. You should not expect any sort of monetary returns from this
currency nor its derived tokens. The tokens value hold no actual value outside of the OSMP-TAC
platform as described within this document. These tokens may increase or decrease in value within our platform based on various factors as defined within this document and should solely be used for the purpose of advertising.

Tactoken Key Information

Token NameTactoken
Price in ICO10.0000 USD
Soft cap1,000,000 USD
Hard cap40,000,000 USD
Token TypeERC-20
Token SymbolTAC
Distributed in ICO80%
Tokens for sale4,000,000
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The Game Change Team Behind Tactoken

Tactoken Ico Review- Cryptocurrency Advertising Revolution

TAC Features

The OSMP-TAC platform has many quality options and features built in that cover every aspect of the marketing and advertising industry. Within the first two weeks of the token sale, the platform will be made live. Payments will be integrated through coinpayments.net for simplicity of use, rather than directly working off the blockchain.

Traffic Exchanges: teTAC

Although traffic exchanges have a controversial love-hate relationship, many businesses got their start specifically from traffic exchange success. Generally, these types are multi-level marketing businesses. Although this traffic does not work for every business model, it has still become an important part of marketing online for many.

Tactoken are very simple: one lists their website on the exchange and assigns a certain
number of credits to it. In turn, that many people will visit their website. They can either buy the
traffic directly using the teTAC, or they can surf other people who list their websites on the exchange to earn them.

Social Exchange: socTAC

Tactoken social exchange is a method of agreeing to make social posts for others on various social networks – mainly Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. One earns socTAC when they make posts for others on their social stream, and one can spend their socTAC to request social posts from other members.

Social exchanges are nothing new to the world of social marketing, but the one built into the OSMP-TAC platform is designed to take many factors into account and only works with posts that are made by public profiles. It does not require any special APIs or coding to be integrated with the social networks, so no social network can block script from working.

Contracted Ad Tokens Value

It is from these contracts that the value of the tokens will be derived. The value will be stabilized
by Tactoken OSMP-TAC sales platform. This means no matter what the trading value may determine the coins are worth on company sales platform the value will come from the total retail value. To keep it simple, there will be an offer of a flat rate retail value for each ad unit obtain based on the types of advertising obtained. These combined total value of all ad units divided by the total distribution will be used to value the tokens.

Platform Ad Tokens Value

The platform ads that are not based on advertising contracts will be based on the market standard for those ads on other platforms. This will include tokens for video ads, social ads, article ads, banner ads, traffic exchange ads, and viral mailer ads. The developers will also be saving 10% of the project funding to pay for publisher advertising.

Publisher advertising are the people who agree to place text and banner ads on their own websites. This allows others to run our banner and text ads, earn the TAC Tokens, and ensure that they are paid directly without the need of understanding exchanges, cryptocurrency, cashing out, or any other things other than publishing and earning, just like on major other fiat driven platforms.

Contractual Advertising

Tactoken already stated, securing contracts is a cornerstone for the success of this project, and it is one of the key pieces that will set this project apart from others in the marketing and advertising industry. It is also one of the key pieces as to why it will be successful where other marketing based cryptocurrency projects are seemingly failing.

Entering into contractual purchases is different from other types of purchases. A contractual purchase is a contract where one party agrees to setup an account with the other party and purchase products on an as needed basis from that account.