What Is Tachyon? (IPX) Complete Guide Review About Tachyon.

What Is Tachyon? (IPX) Complete Guide Review About Tachyon.

What Is Tachyon ?

Tachyon Protocol is a decentralized internet protocol that aims to create a libre, secure, and private internet for users. By implementing techniques from DHT, blockchain, UDP, and encryption, launched the blockchain-based DeVPN – VPN which currently has over one million global users and offers 1500+ distributed nodes to choose from. IPX is the native currency of the Protocol residing on v.systems. IPX has a total supply of 1billion, and a circulating supply of ~267million, out of which ~220million (82.4%) tokens have been staked on the network.

Tachyon Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTachyon
Short NameIPX
Circulating Supply266,858,530.80 IPX
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Private and safe

As a decentralized wallet, your private keys and mnemonic words are for your eyes only.

Quick transactions

Payment process is pretty simple. Internet access is all you need to send and receive IPX & VSYS.


Wallet function is integrated into VPN, so you can store, send and receive IPX & VSYS with ease, and buy premium VPN traffic from Node Providers in the future.


Tachyon Coin It uses the blockchain technologies and smart contract to form a machine & algorithm-based trust to replace the human agents and third party-agencies with a goal to provide a transparent, efficient and low-cost financial system.


The protocol can add an extra layer of protection by encrypting the contents in storage and during transmission, as well as accelerate the transmission efficiency.

Simple display

Tachyon It gives clarity to every digital asset sent and received on your device, giving you control and visibility over your transactions.

Earn IPX

Deposit IPX and start staking to get rewards paid daily.

Why Join Tachyon Network?

Get session rewards with personal computers

Node operators earn session rewards when they provide traffic to users. Session rewards vary based on the price of the session, the amount of traffic used, and the price of IPX.

Receive staking rewards 24*7

Tachyon Coin to ensure the security of the Network, all Tachyon nodes must stake IPX. To encourage network growth, nodes staking IPX earn a 5% per year staking reward.

Governance for all

They governed by a DAO. All users can participate in deciding the future development of Tachyon.

Tachyon Protocol

Tachyon Protocol is what nodes and users in the network speak to one another. It ensures that traffic moves from place to place privately, securely, and quickly. Based on the Protocol, the Next-Gen VPN, IoT, DeFi, Storage, CDN, DNS and other Apps will benefit 900 million users at least.

Security Protocol Focuses on Security

  • The Security Protocol implements end to end ECDHE-ECDSA encryption which ensures that relay nodes won’t be able to intercept traffic.
  • Protocol Simulation allows you to disguise your internet traffic to go around filters.
  • SMTP simulation makes your internet traffic look like e-mail.
  • FTP simulation makes your internet traffic look like a file transfer.

Tachyon Network

Tachyon Coin network is a network consisting of thousands of decentralized node providers using Protocol. Node providers provide traffic for users such as VPN users to get rewards based on their contributions.


The Node Providers:IPX holders without technical skills IPXUS.com is a platform created and operated by the community. It uses Node Manager 2.0 to create and manage servers and obtain rewards and leases the revenue rights of the server to community members by means of staking. Usefulness: The community members do not need to create & manage the server, only need to stake IPX to get rewards.


Tachyon with the use of standard SDK, Tachyon Protocol can support many fields, including VPN, IOT, DeFi, Storage, CDN, DNS, etc. Jointly this will create an extensive ecosystem with many use cases and applications.