What Is Sya? (SYA) Complete Guide Review About Sya.

What Is Sya? (SYA) Complete Guide Review About Sya.

What Is Sya(SYA)?

Sya Coin is the underlying currency behind the Flooz ecosystem. The Flooz eco-system consists of Flooz.Trade, a decentralized exchange that enables you to trade any token (Flooz.Trade also enables FIAT payments on every BSC token, plus a referral system which pays you for every trade you send to Flooz!) and Flooz.Link, the proprietary creator app that enables creators to issue their own social tokens & NFTs.

Sya Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTarality Coin
Short NameSYA
Circulating Supply466,040.57B SYA
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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Who Are the Founders of SYA Protocol?

SYA was founded by Lamine Cheloufi and other humans. The team behind have worked together since 2014 and were the leading designers, product managers, and engineers for start-ups which became multi-billion dollar companies such as N26 Bank and Cookies (a peer-to-peer payment system, that later became part of Klarna).

Lamine, the Founder of Sya Coin was also involved in Hong Kong’s FinTech ecosystem and ended up supporting the team at WeLab (funded by Sequoia from Alibaba) to build and brand their product. Following extensive success in the banking sector, Lamine has decided to apply his product, brand, and marketing experience to the crypto space, founding Flooz.Trade and Flooz.Link, the future engine behind the creator economy.

They are the future of work.

I have a strong conviction and believe that globalization in combination with the rise of social media and automation will dramatically change the future of work in the next decade to come. I believe that most 9-to-5s will become a commodity: undifferentiated, easily replicable, and lastly, ready to be fully automated.

Sya 9-to-5’s flatten and dull the individuality of a human. At Flooz, they celebrate your individuality, uniqueness, and authenticity. They believe that the future of work is driven by you being simply and unapologetically you.

Sounds cool, but wen pump bro?

Well, all you gotta do to pump is to refer your friends. The Flooz.Trade trading volume directly correlates with pumping. Refer Flooz.Trade to your friends who still think crypto and NFTs are for apes. They made it easy for you and them too. Humanize crypto, you know. ‍ Refer your friends, pump and get instant payouts in $BNB, booom free crypto! When your friends buy crypto using your referral link, you earn 0.1% referral fees and yup, it’s fo’ life.


  • The Sya Coin Save Your Assets crypto is a decentralised finance (DeFi) experiment and is a new type of deflationary currency, which is used for autonomous yield and liquidity generation.
  • The underlying currency of the Flooz ecosystem and works on Binance Smart Chain protocol.

Higher trading volume on Flooz.trade = more pump (either via buybacks or because traders buy to avoid fees).

It’s a new beginning, for your favorite pixilated peach. They ready to compete with the big dogs.
They are proud that is the backbone of the Flooz ecosystem. Nuff said, now let’s get to work and pamp it!


  • Sya Instant Boost holders will automatically receive more everytime a trade is made.
  • Instant Burn2% will be burnt instantly, thus decreasing the total tokens whilst increasing the value of $SYA.
  • Community Boost 2% is reserved and accumulated for holders and unlocked when the community achieves milestones.
  • Liquidity Pool This will cause a permanently increasing price floor in addition to a reducing circulating supply.


  • Charity 1% will be donated to charities doing good in the world, selected by the community.
  • Marketing Wallet 1% gets distributed to the Marketing Wallet which is used to grow the brands, Merch, Air-drops & more.

Is it a good investment?

Sya Coin is ranked 4265 on CoinMarketCap. According to CoinMarketCap, the trading at US $1.43e-8 with a 24-hour trading volume of US $1,50,73,891. At the time of writing (BST 12:00 pm), was up by 3.62% in the last 24 hours. LTO currently has a live market cap of US $22,145.15 with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 coins. 

Thousands of people choose Flooz.Trade

Did you know that every trader using Flooz.Trades makes 6 trades on average. Yeah, they love it. Know why? Because it’s simple and they removed all errors. They adding more banger features to the roadmap, check it out below. Right now, all these bangers are available to you all for free. However with the real good sh*t coming soon, it will only be available to tiered holders.

Sya is the currency behind a thriving ecosystem of products. Spoiler alert: we’re not just building the best-in-class trading tools, but they making it social too. Discover the latest trending tokens, mint & trade NFTs and social tokens from your favourite creators on Flooz.link.


Many experts believe that being a new on the platform, needs a bit more time to stabilise in the market to have the complete confidence of the people. Early investors have benefitted by selling it when the market was doing well, but there are a few sections who believe that it would do well if one were to hold it for the long run.