What Is Swapfolio (SWFL)? Complete Guide Review About Swapfolio.

What Is Swapfolio (SWFL)?

Swapfolio is a one-stop, simple on boarding, easy-to-use portfolio management application that allows Uniswap traders to monitor their balances and track their trading activities. Our primary goal is to provide a platform that is easy enough to use for newcomers yet convenient & sufficient for experienced traders, utilizing efficient UI design and optimised performance. As the name itself says, “Blockchain” is a chain of blocks.

Each block has a specific Hash, which makes it unique and incapable of being copied or invaded. In a period of approximately 10 minutes, the validation of every previous block occurs, and then new information is inserted. This validation of previous blocks occurs every time a new block is inserted. The older the block is, the more validations it has, and therefore, the safer it is. The name of this process is mining, and the ones responsible for it are called miners.

Swapfolio Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSwapfolio
Short NameSWFL
Circulating Supply1,470,000.00 SWFL
Total Supply30,000,000
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At Swapfolio believe that the most noticeable impact takes place when newcomers enter the market and decide to stay. Getting started in the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) space can be overwhelming for newcomers. Swapfolio aims to build both a product and a community that encourage newcomers to stay, be it as traders or users of our platform. By creating this environment, believe they can contribute to the sustainability of the current upward trend.


Swapfolio plan to fulfill your vision of a healthy environment by creating a positive loop between milestone deliveries, product releases, and pr ice movement, with heavy involvement from the community. Community support and suggestions are taken into account heavily and are discussed daily in your meetings. They are not hesitant in executing changes to your plan for the greater good of your community.

Swapfolio aim to grow and gain a following of prospective users are supported heavily by your marketing campaigns to newcomers and heavy community involvement to build trust and bridge the gap between the core team and the members of your ecosystem.

Swapfolio Staking Benefits

SWFL token holders can stake their holdings for a return of more SWFL tokens. We introduce a non- restrictive model to your staking contract to promote a healthy ecosystem while still opening up chances for your token holders to benefit. Your Soft Staking Dapp works by charging a flat fee of 2.5% each way for both stakers and unstakers, with 100% of the charges being distributed to the remaining stakers proportional to thei r staking pool percentage.

They are comfortable with this model because it still allows loyal supporters of SWFL tokens to profit even when there’s a stable price movement, at the expense of those unstaking, or profit from the surge of people staking. The more people unstake, the more attractive it is for unstaked big holders to come in and stake, and claim a huge percentage of the pool. In a nutshell, skaters who staked early, staked huge, and keep holding will always benefit by getting SWFL tokens at a very minimum amount of gas, and at no other additional cost.


Post Alpha release, the Swapfolio dashboard will start introducing Pro Features and Sponsored Ads listing. Extensive Swapfolio portfolio manager and trading assistance will be accessible only by Pro accounts – determined by a dynamic range of SWFL token amount, whitelisted on wallet login. This allows us to adjust the staking limit in the future in response to the price, and maintain stability.

As for the non-intrusive ads features, Swapfolio will open the advertisement slot to projects wanting to promote their tokens in the first page, seen by all of our users. Projects wanting to advertise on this slot must transact using SWFL tokens, paid to SWFL administrators where 50% of the collection from the advertising fees will be distributed to all stakers proportionally.

In the event when there are no sponsors for the ad section, the section will default to showing SWFL token data and pr ices, alerting all users on the current pr ices and keeping SWFL on their watchlist.