Ico Review – First Multi Blockchain Asset Management Protocol. Ico Review – First Multi Blockchain Asset Management Protocol.

About is the First multi blockchain asset management protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). uses multiple Chain protocols to ensure high scalability and interoperability between blockchains and it’s users by enabling data sharing between blockchains. They also a Community governed project providing an enabling platform for users to influence decisions concerning the project and influence features to shape the future ofthe protocol. Key Information

Starting DateMarch 30th, 2021
Ending DateApril 25th, 2021
Token Sale Hard CapN/A
Total supply100,000,000 SURE
Token TypeBEP-20
Token SymbolSure
Initial Token Price1 SURE = 0.1 USD
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The Game Change Team Behind Ico Review –  First Multi Blockchain Asset Management Protocol.

Individual Unique platforms

Sure Wallet

Surecrypto ico the sure wallet is a Crypto wallet equipped with multi-blockchain asset management protocol to enable multi-chain asset transfer, receipt, swap/exchange, and safely store crypto assets. The sure wallet will also serve as a home for all Sure Crypto platforms and a hub to entertain other trusted and profitable platforms from different Projects across the ETH,TRON,BTC and BSC blockchain. As asset management is one of DEFI’s most neglected areas, Sure Crypto will provide a super functional, highly secure and user friendly wallet to ensure fast
and seamless asset management operations.

Sure Bank

The Sure bank is the investment banking platform created to reward sure token banner with passive rewards and interests on stored tokens. This is a fully operational banking system that stores sure token and gives monthly interests of up to 7% but is also subject to the Sure halving Feature conditions. This banking services are made available for all sure token holders and the interests are calculated and distributed accordingly. Deposits and withdrawals on the sure bank are quick and easy attached with minimum withdrawal fees and other Terms. The bank will come with other amazing benefits like an integrated referral rewards System. All users will be assigned a referral link which they can use to share and invite other users.

Sure Staking

The sure staking feature will enable users to stake certain listed coins/tokens and earn a specified amount of sure or vice-versa. Users earn staking rewards based on calculated staking periods and the staking rewards will be distributed accordingly. The staking will Feature major crypto coins and tokens which will be advance to accommodate more and more coins/tokens to provide easy ways of earning in the surecrypto ecosystem. The sure staking is not subject to
the sure halving feature conditions. Processed from the sure staking Feature will be pooled and distributed to beneficiaries from the sure DAO Community and all sure Users through the sure pool.

Sue Loan the sure loan is a loan System with pool lending and borrowing protocol. This allows users to pool funds/create Liquidity for lending and receive interests for their pooled Funds. The borrowers provide collateral to receive loans and payback with interest following specified terms. For borrowers, sure token will serve as a major collateral in the sure loan feature among other Supported coins/tokens. Lenders can also receive interests in sure and other supported coins/tokens.

Sure Pool

The sure pool is the community reward system drafted to reward the sure community, Project feature Voters and SURE DAO for being loyal to the sure crypto project. These pools will consist of funds gathered from different platforms (SURE WALLET, SURE BANK, SUREX, SURE LOANS). This
pools will be used to fund Community campaigns/bounty/Giveaway and rewards to all SURE USERS.

SureCrypto ecosystem

The Surecrypto ico ecosystem consists of different platforms created to perform core finance functions and solve finance functions such as high transaction fees, composability, Liquidity issues and control over assets across different blockchains (Ethereum,Tron,BTC and BSC). The ecosystem will provide users with a Multi-Chain Wallet, Decentralized Investment banking, yeild farming, loan platforms, pool earnings among others. They will also be exploring the world of NFTs to provide users with awesome facilities.