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What Is Sunny Side up (SSU) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Sunny Side up

What Is Sunny Side up (SSU) Coin Review ?

Sunny Side up is a DeFi protocol built on Solana. They started off as a staking service but have now expanded to do more. staking strategies allow you to enjoy great returns and a high APY. goal is to create opportunities to participate and earn more with DeFi for users. When depositing SOL onto Sunny Side Up, smart contract stakes your assets to a node that provides the highest yield and periodically rebalances to keep your portfolio at the optimal state.

Sunny Side up(SSU) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSunny Side up
Short NameSSU
Circulating Supply993,600.00 SSU
Max Supply680,000,000
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Why Solana?

Sunny Side up Solana blockchain network is revolutionizing decentralized opportunities for the crypto world with its fast, secure, and scalable properties, and reduced network fees. The network design provides an innovative structure to quickly verifying transactions and offers a more efficient consensus algorithm. Currently, the Solana supports 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) and creates new blocks every 400 milliseconds with the help of 200 validating nodes. There’s so much to look forward to beyond new $SOL ATH (All Time High) – from NFTs, DEX, and more; we’re excited to see what’s next!

Adding Liquidity feature Removed

Sunny Side up have removed the feature to Add Liquidity. You are still able to check your remaining LP tokens on platforms until closing. If you need to resolve LP tokens, you can resolve them on platform. However, if you run into technical issues please go to Raydium ( to complete this action. Sunny Side Up LP tokens are the same in definition as Raydium LP tokens.

Intuitive Standardized Tokenization

Sunny Side up When staking on Sunny Side Up, you will receive ‘sSOL’ tokens, which directly corresponds to the amount of SOL you staked. For example, if you have 100 sSOL tokens in your wallet, you will receive 100 SOL tokens when you stake. The number of sSOL tokens will increase as the staked SOL tokens generate yield.

With Sunny Side Up you can enjoy these features:

  • Delegate Farming / Yield Farming
  • Auto-compounding
  • Converter between chains

Deflationary Mechanisms

Sunny Side up combines yield optimization with an AMM protocol. Deflationary mechanisms occur in both processes.

  • Withdraw fee is 2%. All 2% will be used to buyback SSU and burned (sent to the dead address).
  • 100% of SSU & Stable Vault (on profit) will be used to buyback SSU and will be burned (sent to the dead address).

Other things to note: 1. Burning rate, Slot emission rate (inflation), fees, other factors related to deflation, and more are subject to change by governance consensus. 2. Governance consensus may change the burning rate, slot emission rate (inflation), fees, other factors related to deflation, and more.


Sunny Side up Receive LP tokens to participate in crypto farms Due to platform closing, the Add Liquidity feature has been removed. You can still Remove Liquidity until closing or go to Raydium to complete this action. LP tokens on platform and Raydium are same in definition. In case of unstable connection, please follow this link or go to to complete your action.


Sunny Side up By staking your SOL tokens, you are helping secure the networks while wonderfully being able to earn rewards at the same time. What is the minimum SOL needed to stake? You will need to make sure you have enough SOL to support your transaction. Solana fees are relatively low.

sSOL is the token you receive upon staking SOL on Sunny Side Up. This token represents your share of the total pool of staked SOL and indicated your deposit and earned rewards. Over time, the value of sSOL appreciates as delegation flows. You can exchange sSOL for SOL.