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sugarhosts Web Hosting Review: Into a better future.

About sugarhosts

There are plenty of reasons to transfer your domain. For example, you may intend to change a new domain provider for higher cost performance, more security, better service and feature, or since you are not satisfied with your current registrar. These factors can each vary greatly and it’s necessary for you to pay attention when considering to transfer domain. They will offer you an easy-to-understand guide relevant to the entire domain transfer process. That means, you can smoothly transfer your domain without any stress.

Some Quick Facts sugarhosts Web Hosting

sugarhostsBasic Details
Hosting Namesugarhosts
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


sugarhosts Price

What is Binance Smart Chain ?

Binance Smart Chain is a Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus distributed ledger with a system of 21 validators aimed at short block time and lower fees. Validators are tasked with producing blocks. Binance Smart Chain has many security features such as double-sign detection and other slashing logic which guarantee stability, and chain finality.

The Binance Smart Chain is EVM-compatible thus developers can deploy smart contracts and build Dapps on the chain. Cross-chain transfer and sugarhosts communication are possible with Relayers who are responsible to submit Cross-Chain Communication Packages between Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain. The dual-chain architecture creates a seamless ecosystem for users to take advantage of the fast trading on the Binance Chain and EVM based development on Binance Smart Chain.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information

  • For payment purposes and to provide customer support;
  • To announce special offers or provide other information from time to time via e-mail. This may also send e-mail announcing special offers by your third parties, but they will not provide the third parties with your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information. If you do not wish to receive these e-mails, you may opt out of future e-mails at any time by following the instructions included in the e-mail;
  • To improve your service and the marketing of your service. For example, they may use the information gather from user surveys, demographic data, and web site visits to help improve or target your website and customize your visit.

What is BSCScan?

sugarhosts is the leading BlockExplorer for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). A BlockExplorer is a search engine that allows users to easily lookup, confirm and validate transactions that have taken place on the BSC blockchain. sugarhosts are independently operated and developed by a team of individuals who are truly passionate and excited about the kinds of decentralized information and infrastructure applications that BSC makes possible.

BSCScan is not funded, operated, or managed by the creator of BSC but instead exists as an independent entity. The BSC Blockchain has a public ledger (like a decentralized database) that BSC Scan indexes and then makes available this information through our site. Fruit Fighter mission is to facilitate Blockchain transparency by indexing and making searchable all transactions on the BSC Blockchain in the most transparent and accessible way possible.

Payment Information

When you sign up for your service, they will ask you to provide contact information such as your name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and payment information such as credit card number and expiration date. This may ask you to complete user surveys, and to provide certain demographic information, such as age, gender, special interests, etc. You do not have to provide this type of information to use your service if you do not want to.

If you contact for customer support, they may also ask you for information about your operating system, software and other technical matters. When you visit your website they will capture your IP Address, time of and duration of visit, and time and duration of the pages on your website that you view. They may tie this information to the personally identifiable information have about you.

Security of your Information

sugarhosts store your personally identifiable information and payment information on a databases located in the EU and the US, and in full compliance of the Data Protection Act. All data such as card numbers are encrypted and they will take reasonable security measures to protect your personal identifiable data in your databases. A “cookie” is an alphanumeric identifier that is unique to your browser. The cookie will identify your browser when you visit your website so that this may customise your visit. Please refer to the Cookie Policy for more details.

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