What Is Star Terra (STT)?

What Is Star Terra (STT)? Complete Guide Review About Star Terra.

What Is Star Terra (STT)?

There is no doubt, Star Terra has been created by and for the community. At the same time, the foundation of StarTerra is an extraordinary story that seems like it came out of a movie! Wojciech Gruszka (@PanParagraf) and Kamil Jarzombek (@jarzoombek), the two major tokenomics experts in Poland and early adopters of Terra Blockchain, posted a series of tweets and YouTube videos regarding Terra and its benefits! They were amazed by the influx of Polish users following their lead to Terra, making it one of the top communities on the official Terra discord channel.

This led to the expansion of their networking contacts within most prominent Terra community members and to the foundation of an idea that would become Star Terra.
After discussing the concept within the network, some major elite members insisted that Wojciech reach out to Do Kwon (@stablekwon) – the Founder and CEO of TerraLabs and the Terra Blockchain. So on April 13th, 2021, Wojciech took the leap and sent a direct Twitter message to Do Know explaining the project.

Star Terra Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameStar Terra
Short NameSTT
Circulating Supply27,961,606.37 STT
Total Supply75,866,976
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Why are they building on Terra?

What makes Star Terra Ecosystem special, aside from the incredible community and open-minded approach from Terra Form Labs executives, is the quality and uniqueness of the operating projects. This is not a chain where almost every single day simple copies of Ethereum based projects are rising, no it’s more than that! Synthetic assets with ultra low gas fees and farming strategies.

Stable 20% yield on stable coin deposits, even during bearish market conditions!?! Welcome to Terra. The combination of unique utility and low gas fees of Mirror, Anchor or Pylon Protocols lead Terra to the top4 chains in terms of total value locked with over 4B$ TVL being captured.

StarTerra Universe – feel like in the real game

One of your major goals while developing your platform is to create on Star Terra a unique feeling of the real computer game. In order to pursue this goal, they’ve created your own Terra Universe with your own story line and amazing references to the Terra ecosystem. Each of the gamified factions has its own unique story based in the Star Universe, that will evolve over time with the help of your scriptwriters, graphic designers and most importantly YOU, the players!

That’s right, YOU have a major role in the development of the universe because as Factions battle over projects IDOs begins, your participation will play a major role in wins and loses foran allocation pool. As the project IDOs are completed, your scriptwriters and graphics designers will develop a history that will expand over time.

“Factions” – your gamified tier based system

One of the greatest problems of launchpad platforms is a significant lack of demand for their native tokens. By researching the market, Star Terra identified that the root of the above mentioned problem is that fixed entry amounts are prescribed for the individual tiers, so users have no incentive to acquire more native tokens. This in turn makes investors have no incentive to buy more IDO tokens.

Star Terra All they need to do is just to stake a fixed amount of a given native token and then wait for allocations to purchase IDO tokens. At the genesis, each gamified tier is entitled to 15% of available allocation to purchase. However, on the basis of specially defined competition rules, such as the total number of staked $STT tokens or level and quality of social media engagement these % are subject to change.