Stadium Ape

What Is Stadium Ape (SAPE)? Complete Guide Review About Stadium Ape.

What Is Stadium Ape (SAPE)?

Rugpulls, pumps and dumps, hype-grabs, and wishful thinking. All of these very accurately describe the state of the cryptocurrency market today. A new project more often than not is a very basic token, marketed as the next Bitcoin. Or it’s a rug pull designed to pounce on built-up hype and then just disappear without a trace, Stadium Ape all remember the Squid Game token, don’t? But what’s worse is a token with no purpose, something that only exists off-of public interest and nothing else, very much like SHIB.

Furthermore, all these projects follow the same boring system of pitting everyone against everyone. The moment you’re buying, you’re battling with the bears, and when you’re selling, you’re going head-to-head with the bulls. It’s a never-ending battle where the majority come out as losers, while a small minority gets a nice payout. This was largely the case in 2018 before the crypto winter, small traders were ready to go all the way with BTC, but large bears decided enough was enough, leaving almost everyone in the dust.

Finance aims to change all of it. The imaginary “fair” marketplace, no sense of purpose, and the constant feeling of being lost need to go. Instead of you vs the market, Stadium.Finance brings in an “Us vs Them” approach with multiple teams competing against each other. Stadium Ape This idea was born after Game Stop and AMC taught the power of a unified community fighting for its place in the market. Even large whales can be brought crumbling down, as long as everybody has something worth investing for.

Stadium Ape Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameStadium Ape
Short NameSAPE
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply984,482,197,753,780
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Go Fun Yourself

Have you ever heard the term, “lose money with friends!” from WSB? Well, decided to use a similar approach, but for the better. Be it a loss, or a massive gain, you will be surrounded by people encouraging you and building you up.
They believe if the emphasis is on the fun, the profits will follow.

Playing Dirty is OK

There’s nothing to hide, if you and your buddies want to manipulate the price of one token, go right for it. It will be up to the other teams to come up with strategies to counter you. No barriers, no rules, more fun. They want you to experience a sense of community like nowhere before. Feel like you’re truly part of something great by making armies, guilds, legions, battalions, call it what ever you like. As long as you work together – victory, fun times, and payouts lie ahead.

Why Apes and Pepes?

The idea for Stadium started off with only Ape as the main character. They chose Ape due to how it became a symbol of decentralization, and a community’s strength against large corporations, whales, and other unfair entities in the financial markets. “Apes together strong” is truly a message can all get behind because it’s true. Apes are indeed strong together, which is why got another idea to form a very strong and eager community around your token.

However, once Stadium Ape started looking for a worthy first opponent for Stadium Ape, one contender emerged above all else. Pepe – the champion of spicy memes, defiance and plain fun. Once bros, now mortal enemies, both Ape and Pepe are battling to show which of them is a better mascot for decentralized finance, community power, and raw potential for growth and value in the crypto space.

Why BSC?

When deciding on which network to launch on, Ethereum, being the largest DeFi network on the market, seemed like the obvious choice. However with the transaction fees on Etherium sometimes reaching as high as $50, the little guy simply wouldn’t be able to participate. Choosing Ethereum would also make airdrops for active community members impossible. Since Stadium Ape couldn’t have that, they looked for the biggest network with reasonable transaction fees and Binance Smart Chain was the obvious choice.

Fair and Launch

Stadium went live on the 1st of November 2021 and had a public countdown several weeks prior to its launch. As part of the deployment, two quadrillion tokens were minted – one quadrillion of $SAPE and one quadrillion of $SPEP. All tokens were deployed to Pancakeswap forming a liquidity pool from which the development team and the community were able to purchase tokens.

Stadium Ape During deployment, Stadium rewarded Vitalik with 5% of all $SAPE tokens and CZ (Binance Founder) with 5% of all $SPEP tokens. An additional 450 trillion of each token (representing 45% of the total supply) were sent to be burned.