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stablehost Web Hosting Review: Enjoy state-of-the-art web hosting solutions with surprisingly affordable rates

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About stablehost

Navigating through your control panel (cPanel) makes adding new domain and email accounts a piece of cake. stablehost is here to help you shape and improve the world. They do it by giving you a powerful, open-to-all review platform where you can share and discover experiences, and connect with businesses to help them improve.

The only thing ask is that you respect and follow these guidelines (together with your Terms of Use) to help all keep Trustpilot a collaborative and trustworthy place for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for getting on board — let’s upgrade the world. Copy your four-digit code from the email. Back on Trust pilot, paste the code. If typed in correctly, the code will verify and log you in automatically.

Some Quick Facts stablehost Web Hosting

stablehostBasic Details
Hosting Namestablehost
Price$ 1.75/month
Call Support855 720 2654
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


stablehost Web Hosting Review: Enjoy state-of-the-art web hosting solutions with surprisingly affordable rates

Unlimited Bandwidth

Expecting a spike in visitors? Not a problem, stablehost 200Gbps network can handle anything you throw at it. Reviews are your chance to share your experiences with others and give feedback to companies. Size doesn’t matter here, they think all experiences big and small are worth reviewing — whether it’s a phone call, an online order, a visit to your local store or otherwise using a company’s products or service.

Just keep it fresh by writing about your experience that happened in the past 12 months. While your story about buying a boombox in the 80s is cool, it’s less relevant for consumers looking to invest in today’s hi-tech audio products. When you share your recent experiences, other readers get a feel for how a company is operating now. And companies get valuable up-to-date feedback.

High Quality Equipment

High Quality hardware for all your servers including enterprise-grade SSD drives, 36G of memory and dual CPUs.

Fast Load Time

With your customized versions of LiteSpeed, PHP, and MySQL – your website will be blazing fast regardless of how many visitors you receive.

Easy Installation

Want to run one of the popular scripts such as Word press, Joomla or many others? Not a problem with stablehost one-click installer. You’ll be up and running within minutes. Don’t write a fake or biased review Don’t make up an experience or write a review for someone else — leave it to them to write their own review. And if you’re closely associated with, work for, or are in competition with a particular company, you shouldn’t review it.

Discover Clustered Hosting

Say goodbye to traditional web hosting. No longer will you need to worry about your website being down for days, or another customer affecting your website.

  •  100+ Clustered SSD Drives
  •  Automatic Node Failover
  •  Automatic IO Re-allocation
  •  Smart Load Balancing


Your clustered technology monitors the health of all of our SSD drives every 60 seconds. Every time you add or change a file on your website, it moves it to the best available server that point in time. In the event it detects an issue such as overloaded, or having a hardware problem. It automatically moves you off to another drive giving you the best performance available.

Automatic Failover

The problem with traditional web hosting is that your website is placed on a single computer server. Just like your car, computers will fail. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Sometimes providers can detect failures and migrate clients before it completely fails, however most of the time it fails without notice.

Depending on what failed, your website could be down for days while the provider is restoring your website on another server. Can your website handle such an outage? stablehost clustered technology will automatic detect failed nodes for and re-route your website to another node within 60 seconds.

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