What Is Sport and Leisure (SNL)?

What Is Sport and Leisure (SNL)? Complete Guide Review About Sport and Leisure.

What Is Sport and Leisure (SNL)?

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Sport and Leisure Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSport and Leisure
Short NameSNL
Circulating Supply678,662,952.83 SNL
Total Supply963,252,000
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Background Introduction and Market Opportunity

Sport and Leisure the annual output value of global sports industry is nearly 2 trillion U.S. dollars, including various categories such as competitive sports, recreational sports and emerging e-sports. The market size is very huge, and it covers a wide range of areas. Athletes, clubs, teams, events, brokerage firms, venues, equipment’s, training institutions and media form the perfect and evolving ecosystem chain of sports industry.

With the development and growth of Internet, especially of mobile Internet, sports industry has been massively migrating from traditional channels to mobile Internet and expanded continuously through the mobile Internet. Information, data, live streams, videos and other contents have spread rapidly with mobile Internet. With the help of mobile Internet’s capability, SnL communities and networks of sports users in the world are built to further expand influence and user stickiness of sports industry at the same

Cross-border game

Sport and Leisure transfer to Paris Saint-Germain for an astronomical 220 million euros, Floyd May weather and Con nor McGregor’s cross-border game made more than 600 million US dollars, and Dota2 TI7 grabbed over 10 million US dollars for the champion. These cases all reflect that in sports industry, top IPs and top stars contain huge commercial values. Every single IP in this industrial chain has its commercial value, which does not exist independently, but is determined by demand in the industrial chain.

The higher the degree of demand is, the higher the value of IP assets; the faster and wider the value delivers, the higher the commercial efficiency of IP assets. IP licensing includes portrait rights, advertising photography, offline activities, authorized derivatives, SnL media and so forth. Traditional IP licensing negotiations relies on peer-to-peer communications between advertising agencies and IP brokers.

Pain point of Market

Sport AND Leisure industry market is very huge, online sports information & community is now the largest application scenarios for users while sports IP and betting are the best ways for realization and income in sports industry. The spread of sports industry, the exertion of its influence, and the interaction between IPs and fans have all transferred to mobile Internet in large numbers. However, there are still many problems in modes and systems of sports information and community on the mobile Internet, which are specifically as follows.

Asset trading of sports IPs

The lack of a centralized platform for sports IP assets to display their information and the low level of transparency of information lead to the decrease of the value of many assets, which increases the cost and the threshold for investors and content providers (i.e. of games, application, media) (CP) to obtain information for IP transaction and business value at the same time as well.

Sport and Leisure IP builds a primary market by its own owners or brokers, but Sports IP lacks enough resources to build a secondary market. This is the main reason why the commercial value has not been effectively determined and released.

Games & Applications

Sport and Leisure Pricing and value of users’ acquisition process are not transparent, the mainstream of CPT, CPA access to acquire users need to be paid in advance for exposure and start-up, of whom it takes a certain period to clear the actual value of users, however. So, there is a risk of loss of investment in game / application production. In CPS mode, the final effect of realization is mastered in the traffic or CP side with a risk of deduction, which makes it hard to promote the cooperation.