What Is Splash(SPLASH)? Complete Guide Review About Splash.


What Is Splash(SPLASH)?

Splash If you’re passionate, dedicated, and a fan of all things fluffy, syrupy, and brownish-gold, love to hear from you!Check out the positions available for more information. Nothing there that suits your talents? Check back later. They have more openings in the future. The candidate should be driven and innovative, planning the best ways to get full test coverage of the product. The candidate should be independent enough to make important technical decisions on their own.

Splash you’re passionate, dedicated, and a fan of all things fluffy, syrupy, and brownish-gold, love to hear from you!Check out the positions available for more information. Nothing there that suits your talents? Check back later. This coins have more openings in the future. Each Farm used by PancakeSwap has its own smart contract. Follow the steps below to view a Farm’s smart contract.

Splash Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSplash
Short NameSPLASH
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply138,000,000,000,000
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Auctions / Buy It Now Sales

Splash Creators and collectors have 2 options when buying or selling NFTs/Content: Sell or purchase at a set price, or host an auction and see how valuable your work is! Buy, Sell, and Collect the hottest 18+ NFTs directly in the Splash Marketplace. Explore different collections and releases from the top content creators featured on Splash. Generate NFT tokens directly in the marketplace and start earning! Content creators get rewarded when they sell content. And when their content is sold again, they get a secondary market future royalty.

Liquidity Generating Functionality

Every transaction triggers a 3% liquidity tax that goes directly into the Splash Liquidity Pool. This keeps traders and holders liquid while also providing important market-making to help keep orders filled and slippage low. 3% of each transaction is redistributed among-st all SPLASH holders, providing an incentive to hold tokens and earn passive rewards with ease. The Splash pot receives this 2% fee, which is distributed bi-weekly to our diamond hands SPLASH holders to enjoy.

Skills & Qualifications

  • 5+ years of industry experience in software engineering
  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in CS or equivalent experience
  • Understands and applies Solidity patterns to solve common problems
  • Understands gas optimization the tradeoff between efficient code and readable code
  • Knows how to write migrations and deploy code to EVM-compatible networks
  • Familiar with Truffle, Waffle, and Hardhat, and the pros and cons of each framework

Bug Bounty

The PancakeSwap bug bounty program is focused around Splash smart contracts, websites, and apps with a primary interest in the prevention of loss of user funds, either by direct draining of locked funds or social engineering attacks by redirecting users or forcing them to sign a transaction. All bug reports must include a Proof of Concept demonstrating how the vulnerability can be exploited to be eligible for a reward. This may be a smart contract itself or a transaction. All payouts are done by the PancakeSwap team and are pegged to the USD values set here and are payable in CAKE or BUSD.

Creating your pull request

Your code is ready to be submitted for review, congratulations

  • All pull requests must have a description of what the PR is trying to accomplish.
  • Keep pull requests as small as possible. Larger pull requests should be broken up into smaller chunks with a dedicated base branch. Please tag the PR’s that are merging into your base branch with the epic tag.
  • If possible self-review your PR and add comments where additional clarification is needed.

Coding rules

Splash try to maintain as much consistency as can between each of your repository. Your pull request has more chances to be accepted if you follow some the following rules, and write high quality code. Most of coins response use Typescript, ESLint, and Prettier. Make sure you’re familiar with Typescript’s best practices, and enable an ESLint and Prettier plugin for your IDE.

PancakeSwap is an open-source project. If you want to contribute to the project, this section is here to guide you through your first steps with the PancakeSwap team Before starting any development, they highly encourage you to submit an issue on Github in order to discuss the problem, and the solution with the team.