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What Is SpiceUSD (USDS) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About SpiceUSD

What Is SpiceUSD (USDS) Coin Review ?

SpiceUSD Trade is defined as transfer of goods and services from one party to another, either as barter, or in exchange for money. Trade has taken place throughout much of recorded human history, and is one of the core tenants of human civilization. The core thesis of the Spice Trade protocol is that, there’s a massive need for a decentralized, on-chain, open-source, value-

SpiceUSD stable, scalable, modular, cross-chain, and capital-efficient system for trade among people of the world. Furthermore, such a system should have deep, long-term, and protocol-owned liquidity to reduce friction and maintain tight pegs. It is belief that creating such a system brings us one step closer to creating a more peaceful and prosperous future for mankind. The first step in building such a system is to re-think ‘money’ based on the following principles:

SpiceUSD (USDS) Storage Key Points

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SpiceUSD Frictionless trade requires using money whose value does not significantly fluctuate. Value stable is a relative term. For example, depending on the use case, the best money should be designed to be stable relative to national currencies (Such as USD or Euro), a basket of currencies, an inflation adjusted currency, in-game virtual currencies, reward points (imagine a stable coin that traces a hotel or airline point system on chain) etc. The Spice Trade platform allows building appropriate on-chain decentralized money for all these use cases.


SpiceUSD While over-collateralized on-chain stable coins pioneered the non-custodial money movement, believe they will play a relatively smaller role in the future of money. Let us present the following hypothetical scenario in the real-world economy to demonstrate the point: Imagine we remove all the currencies in the world. Then, in order to generate any new fiat dollar (so that trade can resume), someone has to take a mortgage against their physical assets, and only then money is generated to enter the circulation.

SpiceUSD This would create such a tight monetary system that any real world economy would come to a screeching halt and collapse. And recent market trends reflects the above reasoning as well. Over-collateralized on-chain stable coins are falling further behind in market cap rankings relative to both centralized and on-chain algo-stable stable coins due to capital inefficiency.


SpiceUSD has shown that technology continuously evolves and improves upon itself. And any product, community, or nation that does not evolve with it will ultimately get left behind. As such, strongly believe that any successful decentralized product that wants to withstand the test of time needs to be a meta concept that stays above any particular blockchain (or blockchain technology) and can easily be extended and expanded from one chain to another. For example, while Proof-of-Stake seems to be the current king of consensus-building algorithms, who knows what the future might bring. Why build a chain based on today’s technology and trap your protocol in it, when know that the blockchain of the future may look significantly different than that of today?

Protocol-Owned Liquidity based on Starfish Topology

SpiceUSD As discussed in future sections, the Spice Trade protocol is designed to have significant liquidity with practically zero cost by building on the concept of Starfish Topology (pioneered by RadioShack:

Go-To-Market Strategy

To start the journey, the Spice Protocol has rolled out two tokens:

  • Spice (Ticker: SPICE) is the base token
  • Spice USD (Ticker USDS) is soft-pegged to USD

Initially, the value-stability of USDS is provided via an algorithmic design.

SpiceUSD While one’s knee-jerk’s reaction might be to consider Spice Trade an algo-stable platform, this cannot be further from the truth. Spice Trade (unlike its predecessors) is not limited to algo-stable designs. In fact, as explained in the next few sections, Spice Trade is built based on modular design principles that enables it to accommodate various ways of achieving value-stability (whether invented or to be invented in the future) into the same token system.