What Is Spectre Security Coin (XSPC)?

What Is Spectre Security Coin (XSPC)? Complete Guide Review About Spectre Security Coin.

What Is Spectre Security Coin (XSPC)?

Blockchain developers and security researchers will be rewarded for submitting flaws found in the blockchain code and project. Documenting these issues are of great assistance when guiding clients in a correct blockchain development path. If someone is aware of a flaw, they have the ability to get it patched immediately. Spectre Security Coin desire to assist clients in securing network and code. They call this program “SpectreAware”, which is part of your TRP program.

Spectre Security Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSpectre Security Coin
Short NameXSPC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply196,077,675
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What is your primary objective?

Every cryptocurrency developer requires extensive and stable infrastructure to maintain their daily operations. As security professionals, Spectre Security Coin assist in identifying issues within a cryptocurrency platform and assist in discovering greater ways to secure the network. Networks require constant monitoring and upgrading to ensure there aren’t any weaknesses to be located.

Exchanges and web wallets have been a constant attack vector for criminal activity. This creates a prime space for security professionals to provide solutions to cryptocurrency developers. Investors can feel their investments are better protected and they benefit exponentially in having a more secure blockchain.

What is Spectre Security?

Spectre Security Coin, also officially known as $XSPC, uses an advanced blockchain technology that utilizes three types of block generation. With this, we begin with Proof-of-Work (PoW). From there, incorporate Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and master node (MN) technology. Once the PoW phase ends, only PoS and MN will remain. The total supply of $XSPC is 500,000,000 coins. Your block time that has been issued is 1.5. They have placed a difficulty algorithm that allows your blockchain to retarget block difficulty every block.

In doing so, this protects your blockchain from insta-mining and ensures rewards for community contribution are easily obtained. The PoW phase of the coin will end at block 250,000. From there on, Spectre Security will exclusively use PoS and MN, which promotes a more secure networking. Removing PoW allows Spectre Security become a eco-friendlier project as it reduces the necessity of extensive electricity. In short, this means that the user will receive reward for a drastically lower cost.

What is the hashing algorithm?

The Spectre Security blockchain utilizes the C11 algorithm during the PoW phase for security purposes. Like X11, C11 utilizes 11 different algorithms but in a random order ensuring that it is ASIC-resistant opposed to X11 which is used on multiple ASIC machines on the market. Once the PoW phase has completed, the blockchain will revert to the popular SHA256d algorithm, which is also used by Bitcoin. The change in algorithms aims to improve security and stability.

What is Proof-of-Stake/Proof-of-Work?

PoW is the competition of hardware contending against one another to generate the next successful hash assisting to secure the next block within the corresponding blockchain. PoS is the competition between the holders of the cryptocurrency. Based on arbitrary chance and the connectivity of the network, a holder may receive additional coins for assisting the continued decentralization of the network.

The Proof-of-Work (PoW) system, when referencing cryptocurrency, was constructed and designed by the entity Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. PoS is the most energy efficient as it requires no added hardware or substantial amount of electricity to reward the user. Additionally, in many cases, it proves to be substantially resilient to a 51% attack on the network (Blackcoin Coin Team, 2016).

What is the pre-mine allocation?

Spectre Security Coin There was a 25% pre-mine of $XSPC that was generated to promote the overall development and growth of the project. The categories that these funds have been allocated to include: community rewards, marketing expenses, project development, and technological advancements. These funds are non-staking wallets and are locked to ensure the community gains the most reward possible from the blockchain incentives.

What is the Spectre Security platform?

Spectre Security Coin aims to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency community and security professionals. By streamlining the process of contacting developers, determining cryptocurrency project traits, and performing the steps of coin development, they assist in producing a higher standard platform that is the key to success.

What are the community goals and rewards?

It is imperative that Spectre Security Coin develop a strong community that is willing to work together to create a more secure blockchain network. No matter your role within the Spectre Security project, they are the “Spectre Army”. They will implement numerous community incentives that will reward those who participate.

These incentives are designed to bring the community together in a positive manner that will promote overall growth. Each incentive will have a custom amount of reward based on the specified guidelines. A few examples of these incentives include: community bounties, invite challenges, SETI@home, and the world community grid.