SpankChain Ico Review

SpankChain Ico Review – SpankChain – Global ICO

About SpankChain

The SpankChain Services ​layer ​contains ​a ​suite ​of ​ancillary ​services ​which ​add ​enhanced functionality ​to ​applications ​built ​upon ​SpankChain ​Core, ​including ​payment ​channel ​hubs, age ​verification, ​live ​video, ​an ​ad ​network, ​an ​affiliate ​network, ​indexing/search, ​and ​an interface ​builder. SpankChain ​Applications ​exist ​on ​top ​of ​SpankChain ​Core, ​leveraging ​various ​SpankChain Services. ​The ​applications ​layer ​is ​a ​collection ​of ​branded ​interfaces ​that ​tie ​together underlying ​pieces ​of ​the ​ecosystem ​to ​attract ​paying ​audiences. ​

The ​SpankChain ​team ​will develop ​the ​ecosystem’s ​first ​application, ​a ​live ​cam ​site ​aptly ​named ​SpankChain. SpankChain utilizes ​a ​multi-token ​economic ​model, ​beginning ​with ​the ​SPANK ​token. SPANK ​is ​a ​staking ​token ​which ​can ​be ​utilized ​to ​mint ​alternative ​tokens, ​offering ​specific payment ​and ​governance ​rights ​throughout ​the ​SpankChain ​ecosystem. ​The ​multi-token model ​is ​designed ​to ​abstract ​away ​ecosystem-wide ​coordination ​processes ​from mechanisms ​which ​meter ​platform ​usage ​rights.

SpankChain Key Information

Token NameSpankChain
Soft cap10,000 ETH
Hard cap60,000 ETH
Distributed in ICO60%
Tokens for sale600,000,000
Token SymbolSPANK
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO1 SPANK = 0.019 USD
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The Game Change Team Behind SpankChain

SpankChain Ico Review - SpankChain - Global ICO

The SPANK token is the heart of SpankChain’s crypto-economic infrastructure

SpankChain utilizes a multi-token economic model, beginning with the SPANK token. SPANK is a staking token which can be utilized to mint alternative tokens offering specific payment and governance rights throughout the SpankChain ecosystem. The multi-token model is designed to abstract away ecosystem-wide coordination processes from mechanisms which meter platform usage rights.

Machine Learning For The Win

AI and human interaction fetches out call behavior patterns buried in big data samples of call IDs, predicting the next one and stopping them before they get to the next victim. SpankChain 2.0 combines all of the strengths of the previous solutions with crowdsourcing, rewards, and real time AI. Own your caller identity and let’s put the power back in the hands of the consumer.

IDs of content from supported services are stored and used to generate embedded player codes. When a user plays media it is requested from the third-party service. Results displays use the Purple algorithm to pull an ordered list of posts according to Content is then cached on the backend for minimal API pulls.

Blockchain Technology

SpankChain 2.0 employs the Ethereum Blockchain to create unalterable unique identities of callers and ensures transparency while putting you back in control of your communications. A unique AI algorithm works to scan its user established and blockchain secured spam call ID database to predict unwanted calls based on inbound dialing patterns. Blacklisted callers simply never make it through.

SpankChain database structure relies on the Ethereum blockchain to validate, notify, and block this activity. The project aims to create the ‘biggest predicted blacklist database of unwanted and scam numbers in the blockchain’. Calls from advertisers that have passed a stringent vetting process will ring for users who have opted in to rewards program. Should you choose to interact with those advertisers, you are immediately rewarded in RC20 tokens!

Guinnes World Records

His SpankChain won the chance of being incorporated in the 2008 Guinness chapter of recordings. The 2010 Guinness global records gamers’ edition for owning the most expensive commodity ever; the asteroid expanse surrogate named club NEVERDIE. The club also hosts the massively multiplayer internet universe championship. Also, this item has appeared on the sixty minutes and various other global and united states federal communications and announcements.

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