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What Is Spacevikingsllc? (SVT) Complete Guide Review About Spacevikingsllc.

What Is Spacevikingsllc?

Spacevikingsllc Coin (SVT) is a DeFi Crypto Project with the aim of creating Crypto Beer. This is the Second time launching and the interest from the public has been rising with a New Team, New Tokenomics but the same goal. The main goal is to create a Crypto Beer. The beer-sales will be beneficial for the investors as 50% of the profits will be put back into SVT and given amongst the holders of the token.

They make Weekly Jackpots, with 1% from their tokenomics. The community have decided that the Jackpot takes place every week and is split amongst 50 random holders – holding more than 50$ worth of SVT at the time of the Jackpot. This is the way of giving back to the community/holders.

Spacevikingsllc Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSpacevikingsllc Coin
Short NameSVT
Circulating Supply700,000.00B SVT
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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Viking Raids

As true Vikings Spacevikingsllc like to go on Raids. A concept originally created by one of the whales. The first raid was SafeMoon, where they took over Telegram with all the Vikings shouting “We’re the Space Vikings and they taking this token!”

Over the course of the next 20 minutes, the Space Vikings made purchases of $SFM and burned over 300 million Safemoon tokens. Even though they didn’t do that much to their chart, the whole village knew that the Space Vikings had been there. Articles about the Raid can be found on the Medium where you can also read about the 2nd Raid!


Here at Spacevikingsllc Coin they do Weekly Jackpots! With the Tokenomics, 1% of every trade gets added to a Jackpot Wallet. Once every 7 Days this wallet is emptied to 50 of the random holders! The only requirement? Holders must hold more than $50 worth of $SVT in their wallet.


As with everything else regarding this project, the community has helped out with the Jackpot. They decided there would be 50 winners with a maximum of $5,000 per Jackpot.


A concept that have been developed with help from the community is, The Raid. Like real Vikings Spacevikingsllc LOVE to pillage other crypto communities – with aim to create awareness as well as partnerships with the targets. They take over another projects community chat, while shouting and pillaging. During the time they Buy up their price and ends the pillaging with Burning their treasures while keeping some for the chest.


The audit was completed on November 20th, 2021, by BrewLabs, based in Australia. As one of the most respected audit companies in the world they thought it was only fitting to go with the one that reminded us the most of bee

Accessible Wallets security

From earlier experiences, Spacevikingsllc Coin have chosen to increase the security for the assets on the wallets that are accessible by the team. Therefore, all wallets will be run through Gnosis’ Multi Signature Wallet System. The premise of this is to create more security regarding withdrawals. It allows us to create a required amount of signatures for the transactions to go through.

With every transaction, 3 developers need to confirm the requests before they can be sent. This also means that all of the developers will be able to make the requests – which was something they couldn’t do in V1. Therefore, they will now have a much more secure system for the assets and make sure they are used for the right purposes.


At Spacevikingsllc they love beer and getting to make one with the community involved is incredible. The first beer will be invading Australia in January from the Partner, Edge Brewing Project. Then in March, they invading Denmark!

Join us to talk about everything from beer flavours to discussing plans for how they want to disrupt this $500 billion dollar industry. Most importantly, join us to help make important decisions regarding future projects.


Spacevikingsllc Coin $SVT is the official symbol for Space Vikings and it will remain the same. In the second version of the project, the tokenomics have been changed but the slippage will remain at 10% alongside the total supply of 1 Quadrillion Tokens.