What Is Spaceport? (SPC) Complete Guide Review About Spaceport.

What Is Spaceport?

Spaceport Universe is arcade style game similar to Galaga paired with the Binance Smart Chain via the SPC token. Non-SPC holders have the chance to win daily jackpots which can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars by having the highest score of the day. The game is free to play, holders passively earn tokens by playing, and holds regularly scheduled competition events to reward players with more SPC. Holders can also earn NFTs when they win daily high scores in game. Free players are limited to only winning high score jackpot earnings but cannot win NFTs.

Spaceport Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSpaceport
Short NameSPC
Circulating Supply 100,000,000 tokens
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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What are They doing here at Spaceport?

Spaceport Coin are working towards creating and maintaining a fun, yet challenging retro top-down shooter that rewards you Universe (SPU) tokens for your time and effort spent in game. This is not a “Click here to win/lose sort of game. This is not a “come and spend $2,000 on day one” sort of game. This is a game that is completely free to play for everyone. And if you want to start earning, you simply need to buy SPU tokens. This is a crypto game for gamers. They don’t have a ton of transactions during gameplay to waste your time and BNB. All you need to do at the end of each session is save your score, which is a cost-free signature from your Metamask wallet.

How to play Spaceport Game?

Spaceport game is very simple. It is a shooting game where you as a player is required to shoot the planes, and objects in the space that comes your way. Players must shoot down multiple enemies, consecutively in a row to increase their combo, which will then result in the multiplication of the player’s score. If you miss shooting them, you lose points that we call score. If your shooting plane crashes with any other object, it crashes and the game ends. The number of SPC tokens that can be earned by the players is dependent on their current score.

What Players Say About SpacePort Universe

Spaceport I wanna thank you for all the effort you put on the game. I started a week ago and I almost doubled my investment, thank you so much for this great game. I also want to offer my help as support for the Spanish channel and the English one if needed. This is the only play2earn game that made me feel your full support on every single player of . Your consistency on updates makes feel so lucky to be part of this community. Thank you for your efforts. More pwoer to this project.

How to earn on SpacePort?

Players need a minimum of SPC worth $1 USD in their wallet to begin earning while playing on. The greater the number of SPC coins, the more the player can earn. However, do note that the maximum earnings per day are set to 5% of the player’s holdings, upto 100USD.

All rewards are paid out from the 10% prize pool which levies on transactions. As a result, the game will maintain a filled reward pool filled, as long as active players join and play the game. What is unique about this model is that anyone can earn SPC coins. The quantity does not matter whether its is $5 USD or $500 USD worth of SPC, everyone benefits.

Spaceport Univers – $SPU Tokenomics


Spaceport Coin each transaction triggers a liquidity rate of 5%, which strengthens the price floor of SPU over time.

Prize Pool

SPU Token charges a 2% tax to the prize pool which is used to pay out winners.