What Is Spacegrime? (GRIMEX) Complete Guide Review About Spacegrime.

What Is Spacegrime? (GRIMEX) Complete Guide Review About Spacegrime.

What Is Spacegrime?

Spacegrime Coin is an experimental Spontaneous Decentralized Autonomous Community which intends to be a decentralized financial technology ecosystem where the intrinsic value is derived from digital art such as NFTs and Video Games. It also intends to be a space program for the people, with partnerships with various space technology companies. SpaceGrime also combines elements of art, music, NFTs, and humor. GRIMEX, the native token of SpaceGime is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smartchain.

In addition to being backed by the intrinsic value of memes, SpaceGrime intends to be multiplanetary and interplanetary. This will be accomplished by setting up nodes to validate transactions on cubesats orbiting Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus and other bodies throughout the solar system, as well as on planet and moon surfaces where practical. These nodes will be powered by solar panels in the inner solar system and radioisotopes in the outer solar system and they will communicate blockchain data with laser beams and be highly redundant for reliability.

Spacegrime will allow for financial markets and commerce to exist throughout the Solar System and beyond, without any governments, banks, or other third parties needed, although such entities may make use of the network as well. The founding team is a team of technologists, PHDs, and space research technologists that have come together to develop the cryptocurrency ecosystem for transactions on other planets and have worked at companies and organizations working to establish civilizations on other planets.

Spacegrime Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Spacegrime
Short NameGRIMEX
Circulating Supply
Total Supply696,969,696,969,697,000
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The Strategy and Project PlanInnovation and transparency are the core of SpaceGrime. They take pride in the clear vision to revolutionize the crypto-verse. Learn more about the upcoming projects and plans here!


Spacegrime Coin creating the ultimate solution for trading rare digital assets, affordable staking wallets with epic rewards, and tomorrow’s most advanced technologies. It will soon be possible to create new tokens, games, exchanges, and a lot more. While additional features will come out in phases, they excited to announce that staking for GRIMEX, X2, and Space Pupper will be readily available, among other great features that make GRIMESWAP unique.

Coin X

Coin X will be airdropped on May 31, 2021. In order to be eligible to receive this extremely rare and limited edition airdrop, people will need to buy GRIMEX on PancakeSwap and HODL for a week. GRIMEX is fair and rug-proof, with all of their LP tokens locked via a 3rd party audited smart contract for 4 years. It is a unique token design with secure access and allows peer-to-peer decentralization. Unlike other tokens that tax transactions, GRIMEX is different. It has no high slippage rate, with 1%-2% being more than enough.

Spacegrime It’s a currency for the future that will go beyond the moon, thus it’s right for it to be fair and usable as a currency. GRIMEX also contains incredible features where a user can create their pithy backstory, strap on the trusty spaceship and explore the universe of endless possibilities with most interesting space crew. There are new opportunities to explore, new planets and galaxies, and plenty of new challenges that make this whole interaction enjoyable; It’s a maze full of NFTs.


GRIMEX is a meme-backed coin that is rooted in promoting digital arts and music, and, of course, memes. It has a vision of post-scarcity where there will be an endless amount of gold and platinum mined on asteroids, with water being the most valuable with the intention of being multi-planetary and interplanetary. This will be accomplished by setting up nodes to validate transactions on cube satellites orbiting Earth, the moon, Mars, Venus, and other bodies throughout the solar system.