What Is Space Hamster (HAMS)? Complete Guide Review About Space Hamster.

What Is Space Hamster (HAMS)?

What Is Space Hamster (HAMS)?

Space Hamster aid the retail and eCommerce merchants to dip their toes into the ocean of cryptocurrency, thereby bestowing them a chance to explore the idea of crypto payments. They partner with small and medium business firms and allow payment using your Prepaid cards or integrate your Crypto POS or Payment Gateway into their platform. This permits the participants to pay for their purchases through and other leading crypto assets.

Similarly, Space Hamster will join hands with the best-selling eCommerce platforms, and other portals that support online services to enable a cryptocurrency payment system in their platforms. This will stand tall among the crypto admirers, and they can purchase their beloved goods using crypto assets as easily as fiat currencies. Through paying cryptos, the users will be able to reap handsome rewards of HAMS coins in all the previously mentioned platforms. They can use your coins to avail cashbacks or even purchase the goods with the same.

Space Hamster Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSpace Hamster
Short NameHAMS
Circulating Supply150,000,000.00 HAMS
Total Supply1,500,000,000
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Space Hamster will tie-up with a range of retail stores and chains in the offline space and e-commerce and D2C players in the online space to become the numerous cashback service. The customer can purchase in fiat and receive cash backs in his wallet in HAMS. The best deals and cash backs across the sector will be aggregated on your platform. When a customer purchases from any partner retail or ecommerce platform, HAMS offers an efficient payment gateway and wallet service that enhances your shopping experience with exciting cashback rewards.

HAMS allows you to pay with multiple payment options like fiat currency, other crypto currencies and HAMS itself. For each payment HAMS offers exciting rewards that support the user for further purchase. The user has the feasibility to redeem the token for the next purchase. The user can also save the HAMS earned as an investment which possesses substantial value that grows with the wider adoption of HAMS over time.

Loyalty Programme

Primarily medium and small businesses, but many large retailers too, have so far failed to create and leverage a customer loyalty programme that can help them bring their customers closer. HAMS will enable stores, retail chains and ecommerce and DTC companies to implement their loyalty Space Hamster through rewards, cashback and coupons which will utilize HAMS as the underlying technology and token. A cross-merchant crypto-based cashback token will be a world-first offering from HAMS.

Low Handling and Transaction Charges

Space Hamster the modern blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the payment systems for retail will be 1% or lower, a significant saving and direct addition to the retailers’ bottom line compared to the current 2-2.5% charges incurred by them on credit card payments.

Transparent Ledger and Record of transactions

The Space Hamster distributed ledger technology creates an immutable permanent record of customer transaction at stores, and will prove to be a very rich Big Data source for Retail Analytics for the stores to understand customer behaviors and purchase patterns.

Data Analytics

Utilising the rich data source on millions of customers and trillions of transactions, Space Hamster plans to introduce an upper layer of Big Data Analytics focusing on Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization, Assortment, Replenishment and Inventory Optimization, and Customer Journey, Loyalty and Retention tools for Retail businesses of all sizes, both online and offline. This will be a game changer and a significant long-term advantage to your retail partners.

Internet of Behavior (IoB)

The IoB is partly based on the HAMS and consists of a multitude of approaches to capture, analyze, understand and respond to all kinds of digital representation of customer behaviors. Rich data can be leveraged to understand, affect and influence the behavior of individuals or collective demographic groups.

The IoB combines multiple sources of intelligent data include commercial, location, publicly available government data and social media among st others. Space Hamster will leverage emerging technology innovations and algorithms to enable more precise understanding and interpretation of behaviors.