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What Is SouloCoin (SOULO)? Complete Guide Review About SouloCoin.

What Is SouloCoin (SOULO)?

SouloCoin NFT’s are algorithmically generated, one of a kind, lore driven, and collectible non-fungible tokens. Each NFT owner will have proof of ownership stored on the Solana Blockchain. There are 2,222 Gen0 Foxian NFT’s that sold out on October 9, 2021 but can still be purchased on the secondary markets (see FAQ question ‘Where can I purchase a Soulofox NFT’). Soulofox is building a play-to-earn 2D RPG Game where NFT holders will decide the next steps of your story and game, with community input driving future updates.

Your game will include in-game currency (‘Foxycoin’ which will also be a public token on the SouloCoin blockchain), a Marketplace, Merchandise Shop, Land Ownership, and Staking Rewards. The duration of the weekly rewards is based on the wallet that has been allocated for airdrop to NFT Holders. This will be done for a limited number of weeks.

SouloCoin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSouloCoin
Short NameSOULO
Circulating Supply270,000,000.00 SOULO
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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The hero of your story, Maximus was born in a small village. Although the village was small and out of the way, that did not mean that it was safe. Fox bandits and monsters attacked it often, taking its crops and supplies. SouloCoin wanted to put an end to this. He traveled to the nearest city and learnt how to fight from an old, retired fox adventurer. Then, he returned to his village.

There, he trained other foxes who wanted to fight back. Eventually, the training paid off, and Maximus and his soldiers managed to scare off the bandits. The village became safe from that day on, yet Maximus was not done. He started taking on missions to go slay monsters and villains all across the world. In short, he became an adventurer.


Waking up at a strange land, it did not take long for the SouloCoin to realize he was in a different world altogether. In order to find his way back home, the Foxian journeyed throughout the world, trying to find ancient lore that would direct him back home…..Fellow fox warriors, join in this adventure and decide the next journey. Holding the foxians NFT will gain you access to your land ownership feature in upcoming releases, in which you will own part of the land in this adventurous land! Come join foxians community and be one of the first land owners on Solana blockchain.

In all the three phases, the SouloCoin will not be accessible and the %APY of Staking reward will be variable upon the phase selected as well as other factors. Annual Interest Rates are to be specified as a function of the total percentage of circulating supply that has been staked.

Weekly Rewards

A fixed amount of 300 SouloCoin will be airdropped to each owner of an NFT on a weekly basis. To receive the weekly airdrop, the NFT should not be listed on any secondary marketplace and doesn’t necessarily have to be staked. Depending on the rarity of the NFT, the amount of SouloCoin will vary according to the following multipliers.


Wallets will be funded adequately and regularly. SouloFox will have control of three wallets which will be financed by the following contribution below, in other words, they plan to maintain a regular flow of income by adding funds from the sales of NFTs and game marketplace.

Staking SouloCoin NFT

The process of staking your Soulo NFTs will be on your platform. SouloFox NFT holders will select their NFT(s) which to be staked and this will be transferred to a Staking Wallet. The benefits of DAO and other perks associated with owning a SouloFox NFT will not be lost by staking. If your SouloFox NFT is staked, you will be entitled to receive both daily and weekly rewards.

Daily Rewards

The amount of SouloCoin will vary depending on the rarity of the NFT staked as well as the number of NFTs that are staked by all SouloFox members. There is a fixed amount of daily Soulo that will be split between the number of NFTs staked. Currently this will be 6,500 Soulo per day. Soon, you will also be able to stake your Souo in your platform. One must lock-up some Coins in a contract. This Coin will not be accessible for a specific period. The duration of the Staking Lockup will be categorized in three phases.

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