What Is Sorachan Coin (SORA)?

What Is Sorachan Coin (SORA)? Complete Guide Review About Sorachan Coin.

What Is Sorachan Coin (SORA)?

Sorachan Coin Wouldn’t it be useful to have a system which the non-centralized system by autonomous blockchain automatically manages drive failure prediction, safe data recovery control and calculation cost settlement? I understand best way that data protected by backup. But it is difficult to protector data for working even a hardworking person that backup every day. Access starts with metadata (tree structure) recorded in BPB and drive.

If you do not read to a drives for a long time(If you only use a drives for backup, its will only write), the range that can not be read is expanded! In HDD and SSD, there are some sectors that cannot be read. These are called “bit corruption” and are still defined. In other words, long-term storage data, etc., that are left behind and rarely accessed are sacrificed. Such a phenomenon is similar to how food slowly rots, so the name “bit rot” is thought to have resulted.

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Drive bad sector inspection

The minimum recording unit of a drive is called a sector, and the minimum recording unit of a file system is called a cluster. Here, since the cluster size is generally 4096 bytes, the next generation to match this Sectors are also coming out. However, this is not a drastic improvement in performance, but only for securing capacity.

In the operation of the drive, it is not necessarily accessed in units of the smallest sector. Sorachan Coin Since it is possible to access by overlapping sectors, there is no effect on the speed even if the conventional method is to make multiple sectors into one cluster.

Drive benchmark

A HDD and SSD have different read/write bases. Sorachan Coin Therefore, it is naturally necessary to incorporate the optimal medium into the computer according to the application. For HDD that are restricted by physical operation, it is sufficient with addition averaging. However, we were able to conclude that SSD, whose operation is largely determined by firmware, are severe in terms of addition averaging.

For example, While earning numerical benchmark with a small quantity (size), most of the processing carried over in the parts that do not affect much (benchmark switching parts, parts that can be deceived by continuous writing, etc.) is performed. This alone can greatly change where a time-consuming process is brought. If data is a little larger in size arrives continuously (or a scene in which a large number of files of small size are rushed together), symptoms such as waiting abnormally appear.

Drive Duplication

This determines the drive status and manages the failure. This chapter explain that when duplicating a drive of broken. First, It is indication of graph that the transfer rate of a Western Digital HDD that has been used for about 32,000 hours. Even with a simple scan, there are so many differences that the characteristics of failure can vary greatly. Sorachan Coin Error modify is not effective and data cannot be returned. Instead, it returns an error status. Alternative is assigned when this sector is “written” and temporarily restored.

Daily backup is important

Repeated unreadable sectors spread and become a sector that breaks drive functionality. Although it is considered that abnormal noise due to head crashes is common in HDD failures, such failures are also frequent. If these occur, data salvage is not possible without a physical remedial action (e.g. clean room). For SSD, this symptom makes it difficult to extract data. It may not spread again but spread from the first reading failure.

It is a troublesome point, and it can operate normally until just before spreading. Certainly, there are only a few unreadable sectors before spreading, so you can’t notice it. Sorachan Coin In this way, bad sectors can be in a considerable state depending on conditions. And know that it will be mirrored completely by duplicating after grasping this in advance as much as possible.